12:00 AM ET

National Walleye Tour

National Walleye Tour

2019 NWT Championship - Devils Lake, ND - Part 2

The final day of the 2019 National Walleye Tour Championship is here and we're crowing this season's Pro and Co Champions at Devils Lake, ND! Catch the excitement now!

12:30 AM ET

IFA Redfish Tour

IFA Redfish Tour

2019 IFA Houma, Louisiana

IFA Redfish Tour heads to Houma, Louisiana -- and angler and fan favorite and one of the best redfish areas around!

1:00 AM ET

Texas Team Trail

Texas Team Trail

2019 TXTT Championship at Lake Belton - Day 1

The final stop of the Texas Team Trail's 2019 season is at Lake Belton! Join us for Day 1 coverage as 232 bass fishing anglers compete for the Championship Title.

1:30 AM ET



2019 FLW Cup

FLW Championship - FLW Cup - Lake Hamilton

2:00 AM ET

Bass Pro Shops Fisherman

Bass Pro Shops Fisherman's Handbook

Bass From Top to Bottom

Why do some folks fish deep and why do some throw top waters for bass? We spend time answering that question as we go out on the water and take a look at choosing baits, techniques and how some anglers do that.

2:30 AM ET

Jimmy Houston Outdoors

Jimmy Houston Outdoors

Fishing talent

Jimmy, Roland Martin, Scott Martin and Ron Linder are having a friendly competition.

3:00 AM ET

Fishing University

Fishing University

Cane River Lake, Natchitoches, LA featuring SPRO Lures

Ray & Charlie welcome guests, Justin Locatis, SPRO Tournament Director & Larry Locatis, SPRO avid angler, as they fish Lake Sibley and Cane River Lake in Natchitoches, LA

3:30 AM ET

Hank Parker

Hank Parker's Outdoor Magazine


World Champion Crappie Fisherman, Kurt Kelley, joins World Champion Bass Fisherman, Hank Parker on World Famous Lake Fork in a triple hit show. Together these dueling anglers are determined to land big crappie in the timber-laden waters of Texas.

4:00 AM ET

Timmy Horton Outdoors

Timmy Horton Outdoors

Apps Your Apt To Use

Timmy discusses the many different apps for your android or iphone that can help you be more successful out on the water.

4:30 AM ET

Strike King

Strike King's Fish Hard


FLW Cody Meyer and radio host Kent Brown fish Lake of the Pines near Auburn, California. Bassmaster Classic Champions Mark Davis and George Cochran fish both spinnerbaits and buzzbaits in central Texas. Kevin Vandam and Strike King's Crispin Powley fish the Burner Spinnerbait on Kentucky Lake in Middle, TN.

5:00 AM ET

Pro Team Journal

Pro Team Journal


Professional Angler James Niggemeyer is on a small lake near Walnut Springs, Texas, fishin a new buzzbait, the KVD Toad Buzz.

5:30 AM ET

Facts of Fishing

Facts of Fishing

Late Season Smallie Smash Fest

Smallmouth bass, in the Winter? Are you serious? Dave is! Learn how to cash in on the late season smallmouth bite.

6:00 AM ET


Goin' Fishin'

Lets Fish

Can't make it out fishin' today. That’s ok Don Luchkiw is goin' and hes taking viewers along for the ride. New and Old techniques

6:30 AM ET


Fish'n Canada

Prespawn Lauzon Smallies

In this episode, Angelo Viola and Pete Bowman take advantage of the early ''all-year'' northern Ontario Bass season with a day of pre-spawn Smallmouth Bass fishing on Lake Lauzon in Ontario's Algoma region. For more details visit: www.fishncanada.com

7:00 AM ET



Silver Dreams

Capt. George Gozdz heads to Yankeetown, FL for some Tarpon.

7:30 AM ET

Bill Boyce

Bill Boyce's Cali

Sacramento-Delta River

California’s capital isn’t known as a hotbed for fishing, but Bill will change that way of thinking. Just north of Sacramento, Bill and Toby Uppinghouse float the Delta River in search of striped bass. They reel in plenty but it’s the big catch they’re after.

8:00 AM ET

Wild Fish Wild Places

Wild Fish Wild Places

Cutthroat and rainbows

We look back at the episodes to compare how similar the fishing in Argentina is compared to what we have at home

8:30 AM ET

Hooked on Africa

Hooked on Africa

Giant Hunter

Wesley Peens is in the hunt for a Giant, he heads to the north coast of South Africa in search of the massive Giant Sand Sharks to be found roaming the shores. These distinct predators use their unique features to scour the ocean floor making this a hunt to remember.

9:00 AM ET

Jarrett Edwards Outdoors

Jarrett Edwards Outdoors

The Hula Grub

MLF Touring Pro Roy Hawk joins Jarrett Edwards for some fishing action on the Colorado River in Arizona

9:30 AM ET



The Junkman and Mrs. Ota

Kaz and Izumi Ota take Mike D bass fishing on Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey. The Japanese fishing couple share fishing tactics with Mike on the lake they’ve been fishing together for over 20 years.

10:00 AM ET

Kayak Fishing Show, The

Kayak Fishing Show, The

Kayak Fishing Drake Bay, Costa Rica 2

Jim Sammons and Roberto Martinez Monton continue their search for snapper and dorado while kayak fishing in Drake Bay, Costa Rica

10:30 AM ET

JP DeRose Breaking Boundaries

JP DeRose Breaking Boundaries

Tropic Star Live Baiting

JP and Dan Thorburn try their hand at a Florida live bait program while fishing at Tropic Star Lodge. Applying live bait techniques Captain Bo Johnson uses in Florida, Dan and JP try hard not to force the program and settle on letting the fish tell them they want as they target the very aggressive Bluefin Trevally in this Pacific inshore fishery.

11:00 AM ET

Charlie Moore: No Offense

Charlie Moore: No Offense

Fall Into the Holidays

Charlie fishes during the fall for largemouth and smallmouth bass. Charlie makes a visit to Angelina’s Italian Restaurant to critique their fall pumpkin raviolis, Charlie makes a holiday old-fashion cocktail with a custom Jack Daniels blend. Chuck Rolecek, owner of CR’s the Restaurant, shows off a few holiday drinks and short ribs. Charlie wraps things up with a visit with the staff at Sea Level Oyster Bar in Newburyport, Massachusetts.

11:30 AM ET


Zona's Awesome Fishing Show

Mark Menendez - Kentucky

Like Zona’s Awesome Fishing Show, fishing is unpredictable. Mark Zona fishes with the best anglers on the planet to catch anything wearing fins.

12:00 PM ET

Fish TV

Fish TV

Lancaster Park

The FISH TV crew heads to eastern Ontario to stunning Lancaster Park to fish the St. Lawrence River for some giant Bass…this is one you won’t want to miss.

12:30 PM ET

New Fly Fisher, The

New Fly Fisher, The

Century Lodge

Eagle Lake is renowned for it's outstanding Musky fishing but few anglers know how excellent the Smallmouth Bass fishing is. Host Colin McKeown visits Century Lodge in southern Eagle lake and casts topwater flies for big bass. Lots of tactics and techniques in this detailed episode.

1:00 PM ET

Hook N

Hook N' Look

Swimbait Sally

After most Northern anglers have winterized their boats, there's an extraordinary bite to be missed—and it revolves around bluegill. Kim's guest, Bryan Plenzler exibits his talent for cold water largemouth with a Rage Swimmer Swimbait.

1:30 PM ET

MudbuMs, The

MudbuMs, The

Raised on the River

Shiner's daughter and Danger Dad's son join the crew at camp for s'mores, monster cats, and stories about the Boogeyman.

2:00 PM ET

In-Fisherman TV

In-Fisherman TV

Fine Tuning Presentation Fundamentals

Fine-tuning tactics to catch big fish is what the In-Fisherman staff does best, as they highlight the hottest options today for smallmouths in cold water, step a bit beyond tradition for ice-time walleyes, and use A-rigged swimbaits to make largemouth bass an offer they can’t refuse.

2:30 PM ET

Buccaneers & Bones

Buccaneers & Bones

The Wading Room

Jimmy Kimmel and Huey Lewis get a cooking lesson from a local chef, and the anglers enjoy the beauty and solitude of wading the salt water flats in South Andros Island in the Bahamas.

3:00 PM ET

Florida Sportsman Best Boat

Florida Sportsman Best Boat

"Piranha Raso P180, Dorado 25, World Cat 280 DC"

Today, on Florida Sportsman Best Boat...If you desire a thoughtfully laid out, custom fishing boat, we will be taking a look at the Sheaffer S280; For those who can’t decide between going offshore or hitting the backcountry, we willl be looking at the Dusky 242 Bay; If you are looking for the ultimate blend of comfort and fishability, we will be taking a look at Blackfin 272 CC.

3:30 PM ET


Lindner's Fishing Edge

Canopy Crappie

Most people chase crappies in the springtime. Al and Dan Lindner show you how to catch them in the heat of summer.

4:00 PM ET


Lund's Ultimate Fishing Experience

Lake Superior Lake Trout

Lund pro staffer Grant Sorensen along with his wife Morgan chase after Lake Trout on massive Lake Superior.

4:30 PM ET

Lake Commandos

Lake Commandos

River Walleye--Plastics vs Live Bait

Steve Pennaz pulls a fast one on Jersey Boy Adrian Avena, who thinks they will be targeting bass…instead they hit a river for big walleye and sauger.

5:00 PM ET

VooDoo Crew

VooDoo Crew

The Making of a Captain

First Mate Dillon is starting to show signs of beign ready to make the jump into the captains chair. So Trey and the whole Voodoo Crew want to give him the test of all tests to see if he's ready… fishing with the Pigman himself.

5:30 PM ET

Flats Class

Flats Class


C.A. runs down the finer points of preparing for success. The more challenging your fishing environment, the more important it is to have a realistic gameplan. Snook, trout and reds in Crystal River, FL.

6:00 PM ET

Big Coast

Big Coast

Vancouver Sockeye/Fraser Sturgeon

A doubleheader of Vancouver fishing adventures! Every four years the Fraser Sockeye Salmon run supreme…and chasing the giant sturgeon of the Fraser River with Canadian legend Rick Hansen.

6:30 PM ET

South Walton Fishing Adventures

South Walton Fishing Adventures

Pompano Fishing Along 30A

30A Lifestyle Brand founder Mike Ragsdale hits the beautiful South Walton beaches along the famous 30A highway for awesome pompano action with Blake Hunter of Reel30A surf-fishing charters!

7:00 PM ET

Reel Bragging Rights

Reel Bragging Rights

The Search for Giant Trevally - Part One

A quest to Indonesia and the remote shores of Komodo Island, as Jim seeks out one of the hardest fighting fish on the planet.

7:30 PM ET

Obsession of Carter Andrews, The

Obsession of Carter Andrews, The


Carter reflects on his adventures of the year in this Season 6 look back.

8:00 PM ET

Bill Dance Saltwater

Bill Dance Saltwater

Three Really Good Friends Having Fun! Part One

Laugh along with Bill Dance and his great friends, Bob Bagby and Captain Peter Deeks catching big snook and trout on the Indian River.

8:30 PM ET


Livin' the Dream with Captain Jimmy Nelson

Bahamas Fishing and Diving: Part II

Capt. Jimmy Nelson and Luiza spend several days at Old Bahama Bay fishing and diving. The power couple spend some time wahoo fishing and reef fishing as well as diving for conch and lobster almost every day in this tropical paradise.

9:00 PM ET

Florida Sportsman Project Dreamboat

Florida Sportsman Project Dreamboat

Custom Top Fabrication, Fully-Restored 20 Mako

The team at Wildfire Marine continues the transformation on the 23 Seacraft restoration; Stuart and Islamorada Boatworks begins the build of a 24, destined for hardcore Florida Keys fishing; George LaBonte joins dreamboat owner Mike Klauck aboard his fully-restored 20’ Mako; and…Birdsall Marine fabricates the custom top for Cory’s 23 Seacraft.

9:30 PM ET

Florida Sportsman Watermen

Florida Sportsman Watermen

Crystal River sight fishing with Capt. Lacey Kelly

The lush grass flats and thriving fisheries in the Crystal River area are a prime example of successful restoration and conservation efforts. Explore the amazing sight fishing and beautiful flats with Capt. Lacey Kelly and Capt. Kayla McGuire.

10:00 PM ET

Al McGlashan

Al McGlashan's Fishin' with Mates

Unstoppable Beasts of PNG

When it comes to wild and remote, few places fit the bill like Eastern Fields, PNG. Tucked away in the Coral Sea it is home to some of the biggest, meanest fish on the planet. Catching them is one thing but holding on to them proves the real battle!

10:30 PM ET

Uncharted Waters with Peter Miller

Uncharted Waters with Peter Miller

Cobia, Sailfish, Shark, Mutton Snapper and Grouper - Bimini

Peter is joined by his good friends Clark and Ben, first in Miami for Sailfish, Cobia and Bullshark, then they run to Bimini Bahamas targeting Mutton Snapper, Yellowtail Snapper, Black Grouper and hand feed sharks at honey moon harbor after jumping off the SS Sapona ship wreck.

11:00 PM ET

BigWater Adventures

BigWater Adventures

Breaking Records in Ocean Isle, NC

Catching grouper, snapper, cobia, and more out of Ocean Isle, NC. Plus, a big surprise for Mark Davis.

11:30 PM ET

Seahunter, The

Seahunter, The

Healing Waters 3

Rob Fordyce takes an angler from Project Healing Waters on an unforgettable fishing trip.