12:00 AM ET

BC Outdoors Sportfishing

BC Outdoors Sportfishing

Drift with Pro Cure

Mike Mitchell, Steve Lynch and Jason Hambly of Pro Cure Bait scents fish the 'Quinault River' with guide Richard Underwood

12:30 AM ET

Angler West TV

Angler West TV

Merwin Reservoir Winter Kokanee

Learn techniques and tactics that will help you catch more winter Kokanee anywhere you fish. Join Cameron Black of Gone Fishin' Guide Service for a morning of Kokanee fishing on a flat calm winter day. The Kokanee are near the surface and skittish. See how Cameron adapts to the conditions to load the boat with Spin-N-Glos and Pro Cure Corn behind Brad's Extreme Kokanee Dodgers. Also, Steve Lynch of Pro-Cure gives a detailed demonstration of how to prepare great Kokanee corn.

1:00 AM ET

Westcoast Sporting Journal

Westcoast Sporting Journal

Drop baits for Pompano

East Cape of Mexico for Pompano utilizing drop baits

1:30 AM ET

Sport Fishing on the Fly

Sport Fishing on the Fly

Golden Bows

Don, Dale, Brian, and guide Dave Burns fish a couple small lakes near Golden BC, in search of trophy rainbows. On the Bench, Don ties up the Wilbur Wobbler, a very nontraditional, but highly effective fly that was working well that day.

2:00 AM ET

The New Fly Fisher

The New Fly Fisher

Farmington River


2:30 AM ET


Fish'n Canada

St John Muskie Challunge

Pete Bowman makes the long drive to Canada's east coast as he meets up with the New Brunswick chapter of Muskies Canada, where he covers the inaugural St John River Muskie Challunge. The St John is without a doubt the nations most unique Muskie fishery that faces a lot of negativity. This event hopes to open up the eyes of this old school tunnel vision. For more details visit: www.fishncanada.com

3:00 AM ET

The Next Bite

The Next Bite

Shallow Water Structure for Montana Lake Trout

Keith Kavajecz and Montanan Mike Martin use walleye trolling tactics to catch huge shallow water Lake Trout on Fort Peck in Montana.

3:30 AM ET

Fishing the Wild West

Fishing the Wild West

Year in Review

Wes reviews the season and shares stories and unseen footage.

4:00 AM ET

Canadian Sportfishing

Canadian Sportfishing

Gar & Bass

Join Italo as he catches Gar Pike and Smallmouth bass using twitch-baits and soft plastic lures.

4:30 AM ET

Fishing the Flats

Fishing the Flats

Egmont Wading Redfish

Henry Waszczuk explores shallow water fishing for some of the most dynamic saltwater fish that can be caught on rod and reel

5:00 AM ET

Reel West Coast

Reel West Coast

North to Alaska Part One

Brendan and Willie head to Alaska for halibut fishing before going deep for Black Bass at 1700ft

6:00 AM ET

Buccaneers & Bones

Buccaneers & Bones

Flat Liners Live

Anglers Jimmy Kimmel, Huey Lewis, Jim Belushi, Yvon Chouinard, and Bill Klyn spend the afternoon wading the flats of the Bahamas in tough conditions, and the night having fun at a local dive bar.

6:30 AM ET


Here's the Catch

Off-shore Grouper and Snapper

Join Italo as he fished with Tyler DeGraff, Don & Nathan Cassavoy and Stewart Dickson to catch trophy Grouper and big snapper

7:00 AM ET

Hook N

Hook N' Look

Shadalicious and Feeding Fishes

Kim targets groups of smallmouth bass along the Lake St. Clair Flats with a Strike King 'Shadalicious' swimbait. Then dives in to reveal what these fish are positioned around.

7:30 AM ET

A Fishing Story with Ronnie Green

A Fishing Story with Ronnie Green

The Bishop’s theological journey

Host Ronnie Green travels to Hernando County, Florida to fish with Bishop Carlton Pearson to fish for speckled trout and jack crevalle. Bishop Pearson walks us through his theological journey.

8:00 AM ET

Bill Dance Outdoors

Bill Dance Outdoors

Direct Line With An Inline

Great detailed tips on correctly using in-line spinnerbaits everyone can learn from.

8:30 AM ET

Bob Izumi

Bob Izumi's Real Fishing Show

North Channel Fishing

Bob samples some of the smallmouth bass and pike fishing in the Algoma region at Blue Heron Resort.

9:00 AM ET

Big Coast

Big Coast

Tofino Tuna

A West Coast Vancouver Island September right-of-passage…way offshore Albacore Tuna fishing. This season…it’s Willie Mitchell’s Race for The Blue Tuna Shootout with Milne and McFarlan.

9:30 AM ET

In-Fisherman TV

In-Fisherman TV

Into The Wilderness Close To Home

The In-Fisherman staff has secret destinations to share, as they travel to waters in the Mississippi Delta for giant crappies, hit pits and ponds in Illinois and Texas, and slide up and down a small river for backwoods channel catfish.

10:00 AM ET

Florida Sportsman Best Boat

Florida Sportsman Best Boat

"Sea Chaser 22 HFC, Islamorada Boatworks Morada 24, ProNautica 29"

Today, on Florida Sportsman Best Boat...If you are looking for a boat that offers on the a smooth ride, skinny water performance and plenty of fishing room, we will be taking a look at the Young Gulf Shore 22; If you are looking for versatile boat that provides plenty of comfort and a versatile platform for fishing, we will be taking a look at the Sea Chaser 23 LX; If you are looking for the features of a sportfish boat, but in a more manageable center console package, You will want to see the Jupiter 43 SF.

10:30 AM ET

The Seahunter

The Seahunter

Captains' Holiday

What do guides do on their day off? Fish! Rob and Capt Mike Weinhofer enjoy their day off by fishing both sides of Key West. The Gulf and the Atlantic have plenty to offer in this action packed day trip.

11:00 AM ET


Livin' the Dream with Captain Jimmy Nelson

Cayman Inshore and Reef Fishing

Capt. Jimmy Nelson is back in Grand Cayman with the angling club president in search of bone fish and dolphin.

11:30 AM ET


Zona's Awesome Fishing Show

Grosse Savanne - Hackney - Largemouth

We have been to some special places on the Z show through the years. The unbelievably gorgeous Grosse Savanne in Louisiana, is one of those places and Greg Hackney is one of those guys to experience it with.

12:00 PM ET

George Poveromo

George Poveromo's World of Saltwater Fishing


Poveromo takes Debbie Hanson, a noted outdoors journalist, freshwater guide and women’s fishing advocate, on an offshore fishing trip deep into the Bahamas. Basing from the Treasure Cay Beach Hotel, Marina & Golf Resort in the Abacos, a 160-mile crossing for the duo from Palm Beach Inlet, they focus on bottom fishing and offshore trolling. After scoring her first ever Bahamas fish – a red grouper, Hanson goes on to deep drop/hand-crank for snappers in depths approaching 600 feet and then troll up dolphin and marlin well offshore. They were aboard Poveromo’s MARC VI – Sportfish Edition center console.

12:30 PM ET

The Obsession of Carter Andrews

The Obsession of Carter Andrews

El Gallito

Big Boy' Carter Andrews visits the 'Costa Grande,' in Puerto Vincente, Mexico for Roosterfish on the beach. Fishing with John Lorenz, owner of the Bahia La Tortuga fishing lodge, Carter learns what it means to be a 'dreamer' while hooking the 'one.

1:00 PM ET

Jarrett Edwards Outdoors

Jarrett Edwards Outdoors

Slow Death Walleye

Join Jarrett Edwards and Nate Zelinsky as they fish Cherry Creek Reservoir in Colorado for spring time walleye.

1:30 PM ET

Hank Parker

Hank Parker's Outdoor Magazine


Ft. Bragg North Carolina is home to 'Warriors On The Water', an annual tournament Hank looks forward to each year. For their incredible commitment & service to our country, this event is a chance to say 'thank you' for the price paid for freedom.

2:30 PM ET

Jimmy Houston Outdoors

Jimmy Houston Outdoors

In-shore in Cayman

Jimmy is fishing with daughter, Misty Wells and Jodi Turner. They are on the “Killin' Time”. Fishing in-shore.

3:00 PM ET

JP DeRose Breaking Boundaries

JP DeRose Breaking Boundaries

French River Basin Smallmouth Bass Pt 1

With an invitation to tackle untapped smallmouth bass at the French River Basin, JP heads North in Ontario to meet up with longtime friend and tournament partner Scott Palmer. The scenic French river empties into Georgian Bay where endless miles of untaped fishing and hazards abound. Part 1 of 2

3:30 PM ET

The Scott Martin Challenge

The Scott Martin Challenge

Harris Chain Team Challenge 1

Tim “Big Fish” Frederick and Scott Martin team up against Billy “GottaBass” Messer and Darrel Davis for a Hard Core Fishing Challenge on the Harris Chain of Lakes. Part 1 

4:00 PM ET

Major League Fishing

Major League Fishing

2018 Challenge Cup Championship

Eight anglers compete to be named the 2018 Challenge Cup Champion. From Vidalia, Louisiana

6:00 PM ET

Major League Fishing

Major League Fishing's All Angles

Like A Wheelbarrow Race In Kindergarten

Learn how the pros played the game on Day 5 of the 2019 Challenge Cup. Featuring exclusive interviews and behind the scenes content. From North Carolina.

6:30 PM ET

Skeeter Bass Champs with Fish Fishburne

Skeeter Bass Champs with Fish Fishburne

Head to Head TV Challenge Championship

Watch to see who gets crowned the 2017 TV Champions

7:00 PM ET

The Bass Pros

The Bass Pros

KVD tubes, Spawn spinnerbaits, Tangles Out

KVD fishes a tube in a different way to get reaction strikes from finicky bass. Ish Monroe breaks out spinnerbaits during the spawn. There's a better way to get the tangle out of your spin fishing gear that's simple, fast, and effective

7:30 PM ET

NWO Fishing Tour

NWO Fishing Tour

Fort Francis Canadian Bass Championship

The Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship attracts hundreds of anglers keen on testing their skill and luck at the lake’s prized small mouth bass – a species that can be tricky to catch.

8:00 PM ET

Robson Green Grand Slam Fishing

Robson Green Grand Slam Fishing

Guinea Bissau

This week Robson has come to a remote island off the west coast of Africa to go for his Guinea Bissau Grand Slam. To stand any chance, he has to get to grips with the extreme tides of this region- and use them to his advantage.

9:00 PM ET

Robson Green

Robson Green's Ultimate Catch


Heading into the untouched lands of Bolivia’s Amazon, Robson is on the hunt for fishing gold: the Bolivian golden dorado, one of the fiercest and most ferocious fighting fish on the planet. But to catch it he is going to have to push further and fight harder than ever before on this remote and challenging angling odyssey. Starting in the jungle, every fish he catches will take him further up river and deeper into the unknown; the Red Tailed catfish, the Payara, and the red-bellied Piranha are all part of his journey, before he takes on the golden giant. Fishing with and learning from local legends and indigenous tribes, can Robson hack the pace and come back richer, in more ways than one? Will he catch Gold?

10:00 PM ET


Robson's Extreme Fishing Challenge


In the first challenge of the series, Robson finds out just how tough they make them up north by travelling to Greenland and into the Arctic Circle. The largest island in the world boasts a coastline that could almost stretch around the equator and it’s not all Green either. With over eighty percent of the land covered in ice, temperatures can reach well below minus 20 degrees in the winter months. Add to that, immense icebergs and gargantuan glaciers and you have one truly extreme country. Fishing is a massive part of Greenlandic life. Fish is their biggest export and they need it to survive and to feed their 25,000 sled dogs which are vital for travelling across frozen expanses in the depths of winter. Robson starts his challenge in the deep fjords of Southern Greenland fishing for tasty table fare, Redfish, against an expert fisherman and chef. Next up Robson gets to those hard to reach places to take part in a colossal Cod-fest, catching more fish in the space of an hour than ever before on Extreme Fishing. His next competitor, Lulu, challenges him to charm an Arctic Char from under a rock by tickling it. Hopefully, Greenland’s fish won’t prove too ticklish… Getting inside the Arctic Circle and further north than ever before; Robson fishes against an Inuit fishing dynasty. Fishing isn’t just in the water here, it’s in the blood and competing against Hans Kristian Olsen and father Peter will prove that to Robson. In the shadows of immense icebergs he goes after the biggest fish in the Arctic, the Greenland Shark… and gets a little more than he bargained for…

11:00 PM ET

Grand Slam Fishing

Grand Slam Fishing

Episode 12

Over the last year kiwi angling icon Dazza Cleave has been on an epic journey of discovery to uncover the state of fishing resources across the South Pacific. This time Dazza recounts some of his greatest fishing adventures and some of his biggest fish – true monsters from the deep. From chasing massive sea bass in the Cook strait of New Zealand to enormous snapper on Norfolk Island, Australia - These are the unbelievable highlights of his adventures.