12:00 AM ET

BC Outdoors Sportfishing

BC Outdoors Sportfishing

Mr.Port Hardy

Mike Mitchell and Mike Kelly head out in search of Chinook salmon

12:30 AM ET

Angler West TV

Angler West TV

Lake El Salto Largemouth & Lake Berryessa Bass

First, experience a day on world renowned Lake El Salto with Todd Storm as he searches for El Salto's trophy bass with Spro crank baits. Then, catch some great bass despite tough, late summer conditions with Lunker Larry Hemphill and Clara Ricabal. Drop Shotting worms and slow crawling Yamamoto Cowboys get the job done.

1:00 AM ET

Westcoast Sporting Journal

Westcoast Sporting Journal

Squid in The Sand

Shallow water halibut and salmon in Port Hardy

1:30 AM ET

Sport Fishing on the Fly

Sport Fishing on the Fly

Diving Caddis

Don is sight fishing the marl shoals of Nine Bay Lake, located in British Columbia Canada using one of his favorite booby flies, called Margarita. The fly does an excellent job of imitating the diving caddis that were active that day. On the bench, he demonstrates how to tie this effective booby pattern that worked so well.

2:00 AM ET

The New Fly Fisher

The New Fly Fisher



2:30 AM ET


Fish'n Canada

Aye Aye Captain Mike

Eagle Lake in north west Ontario is deemed as one of the best fishing lakes in all of the province... with Muskie included. Pete Bowman teams up with his buddy Captain Mike Richardson (considered a Muskie expert) and they hit the Eagle from all angles for more than just Muskie. For more details visit: www.fishncanada.com

3:00 AM ET

The Next Bite

The Next Bite

Casting Summertime Big Water Muskies

Chase Parsons, John Hoyer and Korey Sprengel dissect Leech Lake structure, in late summer, for nomadic monster muskies.

3:30 AM ET

Fishing the Wild West

Fishing the Wild West

Bow River with Mike Robertson

Crankbaits & Brown trout on the Bow River

4:00 AM ET

Canadian Sportfishing

Canadian Sportfishing

Great Lakes Salmon & Trout

Join Italo & his guest Aldo Nava as they show you how to locate and catch Lake Ontario Trout & Salmon using Downriggers and diving devices.

4:30 AM ET

Fishing the Flats

Fishing the Flats

Sarasota Bay Redfish

Henry Waszczuk explores shallow water fishing for some of the most dynamic saltwater fish that can be caught on rod and reel

5:00 AM ET

Reel West Coast

Reel West Coast

Barkley Sound Derby

Brendan gears up and takes the RH boat to Barkley Sound for a fishing derby in support of KidSport

6:00 AM ET

Buccaneers & Bones

Buccaneers & Bones

Sunset at Rising Tide

Newcomers Jimmy Kimmel and Jim Belushi catch their first bonefish as they join the cast of Huey Lewis, Yvon Chouinard, Tom McGuane, Lefty Kreh, and Bill Klyn at Bair's Lodge in South Andros Island for spectacular flats fishing.

6:30 AM ET


Here's the Catch

Flats & off-shore Mackerel and Bonito

Join Italo & his guest Ross Scroble as they test IRT spinning reels of flats and off-shore fish.

7:00 AM ET

Hook N

Hook N' Look

O-Wacky Wisdom

Kim demostrates the effectiveness of skipping a weightless O-Wacky rigged 'Ocho' stickworm under pontoon boats and docks. Then, reveals the versatility of the rig while drop-shotting in deeper water.

7:30 AM ET

A Fishing Story with Ronnie Green

A Fishing Story with Ronnie Green

Grandpa’s Legacy

Adrian “Lunker Louie” Echols is a youth angling phenom. “Lunker Louie” talks about his grandfather’s huge influence on his life, while fishing with Ronnie for largemouth bass.

8:00 AM ET

Bill Dance Outdoors

Bill Dance Outdoors


Bill Dance relays how deeper water close by and depth make fishing much more productive.

8:30 AM ET

Bob Izumi

Bob Izumi's Real Fishing Show

Fishing with JP Bushey

Bob is fishing Georgian Bay with guide JP Bushey targeting pike and lake trout.

9:00 AM ET

Big Coast

Big Coast

Rivers Inlet Cape Caution

Fishing just outside Rivers Inlet can provide some outstanding salmon angling…and so can the Southbound run around Cape Caution for Tom Velisek.

9:30 AM ET

In-Fisherman TV

In-Fisherman TV

Language of the Predator

The In-Fisherman staff becomes one with the predatory fish they pursue, as they wade right in for giant smallmouths, seek early-season pike in skinny water, and go into grinding mode for prime-time largemouths.

10:00 AM ET

Florida Sportsman Best Boat

Florida Sportsman Best Boat

"Arrowglass 24, Sea Born SX281, Belzona 40CC?"

Today, on Florida Sportsman Best Boat...For anglers and their families who are interested in adventuring outside of the inlet, we will be taking a look at the Arrowglass 248 CC; If you are serious about offshore fishing, but require comfort for the family, we'll be taking a look at the Sea Born SX281 Offshore; For serious boaters who want to enjoy time on the water, but not give up the ability to fish, we will be taking a look at Belzona 40CC.

10:30 AM ET

The Seahunter

The Seahunter

Let's Go Play

When the all the conditions line up, you need to go! Rob, Mike, and Pete take advantage of great conditions in an action packed afternoon chasing Sailfish.

11:00 AM ET


Livin' the Dream with Captain Jimmy Nelson

Adventures of Crocodile Bay Part 1

This week Captain Jimmy Nelson is in Costa Rica at Crocodile Bay and in between eco-tours they do some inshore fishing for rooster fish.

11:30 AM ET


Zona's Awesome Fishing Show

Bullard's Bar - Ehrler - Spotted Bass

The Spotted Bass photos that are coming out of Bullard's Bar are unreal. Multiple world records have been caught there in the last couple of years. We got a call from our buddy Brent Ehrler who wanted to give a run. Cali here we come.

12:00 PM ET

George Poveromo

George Poveromo's World of Saltwater Fishing


Numerous ships and galleons met their demise along this shallow, sandy stretch of bottom which divides the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico, west of Key West, in the Florida Keys. The rusting hulks have since transformed into habitats and migratory points for a variety of game fish. Poveromo and Mark Schmidt set forth for one of the most sought-after game fish on these wrecks – the permit. They also plan to pitch top water lures for barracuda. A heck of a day it turned out to be for Poveromo and Schmidt; they ultimately ended up some 45 miles west of Key West, scoring numerous permit and several hefty ‘cudas along the way. Poveromo and team based out of the beautiful Perry Hotel, with Poveromo’s MARC VI docked downstairs at the Stock Island Marina.

12:30 PM ET

The Obsession of Carter Andrews

The Obsession of Carter Andrews

Score to Settle

Carter and Mike Holiday wreck fish the Treasure Coast before Carter decides he has a score to settle back on the beach.

1:00 PM ET

Jarrett Edwards Outdoors

Jarrett Edwards Outdoors

Colorado Pike

Jarrett Edwards and Beau Meyer search out gravel pond pike in Colorado

1:30 PM ET

Hank Parker

Hank Parker's Outdoor Magazine


After a N. Mexico elk hunt with his friend, Jerry Blake, Hank suggested the two hook up for another extraordinary outing, a hunt for smallmoiuth bass. Soon the two were in the glorious waters of the Thousand Islands on one more 'hunt' to remember!

2:30 PM ET

Jimmy Houston Outdoors

Jimmy Houston Outdoors

3rd Base

Jimmy is bass fishing with Basil Savage III. AKA 3 base.

3:00 PM ET

JP DeRose Breaking Boundaries

JP DeRose Breaking Boundaries

Pre-Winter Largemouth Bass

This week, JP is joined by tournament angler Lenny Devos and the two go hunting largemouth bass in late October just North of Kingston, Ontario. With a recent cold snap driving down the water temperatures and possible turnovers conditions in the lake, can the two anglers even get bit?

3:30 PM ET

The Scott Martin Challenge

The Scott Martin Challenge

West Coast Grouper Challenge

The Martin Boys join Join Clay Shidler from Hang 'em High Sport Fishing from Crystal River for a shallow water grouper extravaganza.

4:00 PM ET

Major League Fishing

Major League Fishing

2018 Challenge Cup Elimination Round 2

Nine anglers compete to advance to Sudden Death in the 2018 Challenge Cup. From Vidalia, Louisiana

6:00 PM ET

Major League Fishing

Major League Fishing's All Angles

Clam-Skadiddle Skipper

Learn how the pros played the game on Day 1 of the 2019 Challenge Cup. Featuring exclusive interviews and behind the scenes content. From North Carolina.

6:30 PM ET

Skeeter Bass Champs with Fish Fishburne

Skeeter Bass Champs with Fish Fishburne

Head to Head TV Challenge Mega Bass Winner vs. Skeeter Owner Winner

Watch as the Mega Bass Winner takes on the Skeeter Owners Tournament Winner

7:00 PM ET

The Bass Pros

The Bass Pros

Topwater Frog, Drop Shot, Skip School

Edwin is using a frogs with a sporatic retrieve. KVD uses his depth finder and a drop shot rig for surgical strikes on big smallies. Skip school with Mark Zona as he shows how to get your bait way back in the shade of docks.

7:30 PM ET

NWO Fishing Tour

NWO Fishing Tour

Fort Francis Canadian Bass Championship

The Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship attracts hundreds of anglers keen on testing their skill and luck at the lake’s prized small mouth bass – a species that can be tricky to catch.

8:00 PM ET

Robson Green Grand Slam Fishing

Robson Green Grand Slam Fishing


This time Robson is in Cuba going for the Inshore Grand Slam where he must catch three species of fish from a set list in a single day. But when the wind and rain show up the whole attempt is thrown into jeopardy.

9:00 PM ET

Robson Green

Robson Green's Extreme Fisherman


Robson travels to the world’s oldest island, on a quest to catch the most fearsome, ferocious and skilled aquatic hunters on the planet. Arriving on the tiny tropical island of Sakatia his first target is Jobfish, a ruthless reef predator with powerful jaws. He then teams up with a local fisherman to spear a master of camouflage, the Octopus. Heading out to deeper water he does battle with the immensely powerful dogtooth tuna before facing his ultimate challenge – to land one of the most dangerous fish in the world, the bull shark.

10:00 PM ET


Robson's Extreme Fishing Challenge


In the first challenge of the series, Robson finds out just how tough they make them up north by travelling to Greenland and into the Arctic Circle. The largest island in the world boasts a coastline that could almost stretch around the equator and it’s not all Green either. With over eighty percent of the land covered in ice, temperatures can reach well below minus 20 degrees in the winter months. Add to that, immense icebergs and gargantuan glaciers and you have one truly extreme country. Fishing is a massive part of Greenlandic life. Fish is their biggest export and they need it to survive and to feed their 25,000 sled dogs which are vital for travelling across frozen expanses in the depths of winter. Robson starts his challenge in the deep fjords of Southern Greenland fishing for tasty table fare, Redfish, against an expert fisherman and chef. Next up Robson gets to those hard to reach places to take part in a colossal Cod-fest, catching more fish in the space of an hour than ever before on Extreme Fishing. His next competitor, Lulu, challenges him to charm an Arctic Char from under a rock by tickling it. Hopefully, Greenland’s fish won’t prove too ticklish… Getting inside the Arctic Circle and further north than ever before; Robson fishes against an Inuit fishing dynasty. Fishing isn’t just in the water here, it’s in the blood and competing against Hans Kristian Olsen and father Peter will prove that to Robson. In the shadows of immense icebergs he goes after the biggest fish in the Arctic, the Greenland Shark… and gets a little more than he bargained for…

11:00 PM ET

Grand Slam Fishing

Grand Slam Fishing

Episode 8

Darren “Dazza” Cleave continues to investigate the sustainability of the South Pacific’s recreational fishing resources as he travels to the sun-kissed paradise of the Kingdom of Tonga. Here, he braves the treacherous coral reefs and pounding surf in tiny boats with the local fishermen – hunting tuna with hand lines. He also goes after massive mahi mahi and hunts for that ever-elusive world –record-size marlin swordfish.