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Paul Marier

My name is Paul Marier. I fell in love with the outdoors at an early age. I grew up on the Detroit River, near Windsor, Ontario, and fished for anything and everything that would bite my hook. Bass, pike, wall-eye, catfish and perch - you name it. As a kid, I followed my Dad and Uncle TJ around on their hunting trips. I was too young to carry a gun so I carried the dead rabbits and ducks. These experiences shaped my enthusiasm and inspiration for the HUNT FISH MANIAC life I live today. I now live on the West Coast of Canada, with access to the ocean, lakes, mountains and beyond. I hunt for moose, elk, and deer. I fish for salmon, trout, halibut, and cod. I'm lucky to do the things that I dreamed about as a kid. I am a HUNT FISH MANIAC.

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