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Italo Labignan

Italo Labignan graduated from Fleming College as a Fish and Wildlife Technician and worked for the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources in the mid-70’s.

In 1985 Italo pioneered a concept for his own sport fishing television series that combined conservation and education with entertaining fishing action that began being broadcast across Canada in 1986!

The Canadian Sportfishing Show & social media is Canada's Leader in Promoting Sportfishing & Educating Anglers for Consistent Success!

The Canadian Sportfishing Show aired for 27 yrs. on TSN. Today it can be seen on CHCH-TV, YesTV, WFN, WildTV, CHEX-TV, CKWS-TV, CITL-TV. The series can also be seen 24/7 on the Italo Labignan YouTube channel. This year we are celebrating the 30th year of broadcast across Canada & internationally!

Nexsgen Sports Inc. is the operating company for all of the divisions which includes an extensive social media platform that help anglers catch more fish!

Italo continues to be an integral part of the television, commercial & industrial production division, and frequently is a featured speaker at consumer shows.

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