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Fish TV Hosts

Jeff Chisholm

Since I was a young boy, I have had a love for fishing. Born and raised in Quinte and the Land o’ Lakes regions, I have had countless opportunities to develop my angling abilities. I am a year round, multispecies angler.

I have been a tournament angler with finishes in the top ten for bass and walleye in the U.S. and Canada. As much fun as tournaments are, my true passion is guiding. It is very rewarding to see the expression on your client’s face upon catching the fish of their dreams. Fortunately I have the opportunity to fish waters rich with trophy fish, and sharing these experiences with others has been a privilege.

My media career began as co-host of Hooked for Life, a weekly fishing radio show. Then I had the opportunity to film an ice fishing episode a few years ago with Ron, and so began my involvement with Fish TV. In 2013 I appeared as a guest on Fish TV for several episodes and became a co-host of the show in 2014. It is an honor to be able to entertain, educate and share our fishing experiences with our viewers and give them a glimpse into the fun that we have on the water.

Ron James

I started fishing with my dad when I was very young and many years later, I still love it. When I was old enough, I moved onto tournament fishing and have won quite a few events over the years. I met Leo Stakos one day and since then we have been fishing and filming Fish TV in some of the most amazing locations. Hitching up the boat or hopping on a plane and heading off to new fishing spots to share with our viewers is always a thrill for me. Our television viewers enjoy the fishing, the scenery and the sometimes hilarious situations that Leo and I find ourselves in.

I have to admit that meeting Fish TV fans at the tradeshows and charity events is one of my favorite things each year. I love putting together the seminars at the tradeshows and my goal is to teach everyone what I have learned from all of my experiences so that they can get hooked on fishing and the great outdoors too.

Leo Stakos

Thinking back as a kid, I can't remember an age not fishing. Camping was a big thing to our family of six. We would be packed to the roof in the family station wagon and set out for a weekend of family fun, sun and fishing.

Whether it would be hooking them in a little row boat out on a quiet northern lake at dawn or just tossing a line at the end of Frenchman's Bay in Pickering, life couldn't get better for this seven year old boy. As I got older my love for fishing only grew. In my early teenage years I tried many a time to recruit my friends to the great outdoors and fishing. Some had alternative plans, their reply being "What's with this fishing thing anyways?!" Nevertheless I fished all the more”. In the last few years, I have concentrated my efforts on being a philanthropist and putting my best efforts towards ending childhood cancer.

We have had a lot of fun between the charity functions, tournaments, radio shows, commercials, trade shows and filming our own TV show "FISH TV", however my favorite memories and times I'm most thankful to god for, are with my own family. Fishing off the dock at the cottage and hearing one of my little girls shouting "Fish on Daddy.”

In a world that just keeps getting busier it sure is great to know that some things don't have to change.

So if you are still one of those people asking, "What's with this fishing thing anyway?" I'm here to tell you, "Get out there, drop a line and I know you'll be hooked too!"

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