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Fish Fishburne

If you’re looking for serious in-depth analysis and insight into the sport of professional bass fishing, then move along because you’re not going to get it from Fish Fishburne. Fishburne jumped from UMF competitor to color-commentator in 2010 and the results have been mixed. For those who love to be entertained by sharp wit and humor delivered with a serious self-deprecating side, then you’ll love Fish. For those who think bass fishing is the most serious lifea-ltering event in the history of mankind, maybe not so much. Regardless, Fishburne gives an honest, if sometime painful, analysis of what’s happening on the water in an inimical style that is often copied but never duplicated, which is what we think “inimical” means. It’s a little known fact that Fishburne can jump from the ground onto the front deck of a bass boat sitting on a trailer and land on his feet. Seriously. If you see him ask him to do it. He hasn’t tried since 1989 so he might be a little rusty.