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Dustin Wilks

Dustin Wilks’ approach to fishing, and almost everything else, is very light and boyish in nature despite having a formal college degree in fisheries. There are many ways to fish for bass, but Dustin is only interested some of them. The primary drive for Dustin is to have fun by fishing the way you like to fish. The true beauty of his approach is the way he dissects the day as it unfolds. Dustin will not only find a way to catch fish, but he will catch them with the techniques he has fun using. That’s not to say Dustin is not versatile. He simply finds versatility in his baits as opposed to his presentation. So if you are the kind of person who enjoys trying new baits or wants to know the good from the bad, Dustin is your man. If he tells you a bait is good, you better get them while you can, because he probably has 40 of them and is placing another order right now!

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