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Denis Isbister

Denis Isbister was born on July 2, 1976 in Fallon, Nevada . At a young age he was introduced to the outdoors by his grandfather. Every summer they would travel throughout the high desert of Northern Nevada, Oregon and Washington in search of big fish. Who would have known these leisurely summer fishing trips would become the foundation of the adventure fishing to come?

Denis started his adventure fishing with a trip to Belize in 1993 in search of giant tarpon on the fly. This trip ignited the fire for adventure fishing, with long hikes to the middle of mangrove swamps and extended boat rides to remote flats. This is what he was born to do! Denis has spent a great deal of time on the farthest outreaches of the Canadian Arctic, fishing for big lake trout and pike. On these many trips to northern Canada he has been able to not only hone his fishing skills but share them with many wonderful people along the way.

Now, with five years of producing Wild Fish Wild Places, 11 countries and 100+ separate flights, the adventure continues every week on the World Fishing Network.

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