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Dave Mercer

Okay, so this is the part where we are supposed to tell you how much your host, Dave, loves the great sport of fishing. He couldn’t get enough of fishing when he was a little kid. How he would run home from school and walk for miles and miles just to get a cast in the local lake, blah, blah, blah. Well, of course he loves fishing or he wouldn’t be hosting a fishing show! Dave doesn’t just love fishing, he is a self-professed, over-the-top, bonified, AAA certified, FISHING FREAK!! There isn’t a moment that Dave isn’t looking at, reading about, thinking about, or trying to catch fish. It is quite apparent that the two things that he was put on this earth to do is fish and entertain.

Since the first day he hit the airwaves over 14 years ago, people noticed he was different. Dave simply doesn’t fit into your traditional fishing show host mold. He’s loud; he’s crazy and his passion for the sport of fishing is clearly contagious. As the originator of the one-minute fishing interstitial, Dave quickly became an audience favorite. What started as a television tip series has grown to include a weekly half hour show and LIVE tour making Dave one of the industry’s most recognized anglers. Oh ya, and if Dave looks familiar you have probably seen him before on Bassmaster. He’s the guy who announces the weights and yells all the crazy stuff on stage as part of his job as the official emcee of the Bassmaster Elite Series and the Bassmaster Classic.

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