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Meet The Host


Reid "Red" Baker

Reid “Red” Baker is a reserved man who has enjoyed sports and outdoor activities since he was a young man. While you’re still brewing up a fresh batch of morning breath sleeping in your warm bed, Red is already past his stretch phase and could’ve already filled a milk jug with his sweat. As consistent as a metronome, hard as a bar top, smooth as $1000 bed sheets, and as frugal as a single moth living in the great depression.

Red’s outdoor adventures started as a kid; wandering through the woods with his cousin on his grandpa’s farm.  During a time where few cell phones existed, Red and his cousin learned the “ins and outs” of the outdoors without technology getting into the way.

As time went on, Red split a lot of his time between soccer and the outdoors. Having the ability to play soccer in England, Iceland, Costa Rica, as well as all over the USA. The University of Kentucky became home for a few years while Red played collegiate soccer and enjoyed the southern lifestyle.

Red now finds himself back in the Midwest. He lives and works full-time just outside Peoria, IL, where he is the General Manager of a shop that specializes in aftermarket agricultural parts. He focuses on keeping the bills paid, staying fit and chasing a dream with some good buddies.

Aaron "Shiner" Creger

Aaron "Shiner" Creger

Shiner has always been the dude that brings the party to life. These days, his party usually consists of his 2 (soon to be 3) radical kids and amazing wife. Elly and Colt alongside his gorgeous wife Katie, are placed above all other aspects of life. However, he still lets “The Wild Ranchero” escape every time that signature sombrero masks his glistening dome. He enjoys the beauty of the outdoors and the pursuit of the next adventure. He’s a firm believer life’s adventures are best enjoyed with his best friends and family.

Camp would not be the same place without Shiner. He brings humor to every facet of his life and enriches the lives of those around him.  His work ethic is matched only by his impact on the lives of others. Shiner also believes he’s a world-class mouth harp player, so don’t tell him he really isn’t that good!


Niles "Willy" Bailey

A square jaw encapsulated in the undergrowth of what would resemble a southern Iowa bramble patch. Hands that mimic the bark on a scaly-bark hickory. One could argue that Willy was carved from the earth. Willy was built and wired for one thing – the outdoors. A true creature of the wilderness, he’s more comfortable in nature than any other place on earth.

After college, Willy opted to chase his dream of making a living as an outdoorsman. Like any migratory species- weather, food sources, and leisure activities determine seasonal location. This wild animal migrated between Alaska and Iowa as the seasons changed. He worked in Alaska as a guide fishing for halibut, lingcod, coho, chinook, chum and pink salmon. When that season ended, he would make his way back to Iowa and continue to supplement the launch of MudbuM. Eventually, the opportunity to join MudbuM as a full-time gig presented itself and he didn’t hesitate. He’s been full throttle MudbuM ever since.

With constant analysis of the species he is pursuing, the chess game keeps him planning the next move to complete ethical catch and release, harvest, and pursuit. The drive always burns hot and true to his roots. The most important thing is enjoying and sharing all that God has created with friends and family.


Blaine "Crash" Garrett

A guitar picking old soul and visionary. A passion for people and challenges. The burning need to be “outside and in it”. Blaine chases his dream every day. Growing up in a family that cherished down home southern cooking, Blaine grew to love the art of making a meal mom would be proud of. He prefers the old-style method of griddles, Dutch ovens, coals and fire. At camp he is usually found making the next calorie-packed creation with his good buddy Shiner. With a background in construction and a career in business development; Blaine wakes up, gets the strongest cup of coffee he can find, and attacks his day like a blood thirsty lion.

During his tenure in the construction industry, Blaine found himself tirelessly working on a prototype product with his buddies. 7 years, 9 prototype iterations, and a couple foreclosure notices later, the Hawg Lawg was born. Manufacturing started in 2014, the show was launched in 2015, the store opened in 2016, and Crash came on full-time to his own company.

Crash loves to hunt and fish as much as he loves his favorite pair of boots and a gut busting laugh. A “bullets and Bible” kind of guy, he is always looking at life through the lens of those who walked here before him.


Jonny "Ricky" Wallerich

Jonathan “Jonny” Wallerich aka “Ricky Ripsnort” is a vivacious dude just trying to wheelie his way through life; often challenging the social norms of what it means to be an adult. On a scale of practical to preposterous; he spends most of his time on the right. For him, life is a perpetual quest to realize the balance between risk and reward. An affinity for the absurd and innate obligation to live life as debonair as a child are equaled only by the work ethic that enables that lifestyle.

A competitor by nature, he naturally gravitated to sports, machines capable of excessive speeds, and eccentric behavior in the relentless pursuit to entertain his friends. He’ll be the first one at camp to throw his leg over a dirt bike and shred some sod in an outfit your grandma donated to Goodwill.

Growing up in small town Iowa, being outside with his friends was the only life he knew.  Launching 3 wheelers off terraces, building backyard bike ramps, swimming in the creek, and of course the occasional trip to the river.