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Meet The Host

Cody Roberson

Cody Roberson

Cody Roberson (Cibolo, TX) is the Commanding Officer for FORCE on FORCE. He is the founder and president of ArmyBassAnglers.

A one-time pitching prospect for the Atlanta Braves, LTC Cody Roberson enlisted in the US Army in 1992 and has never looked back. A highly decorated veteran with multiple tours in combat, Roberson now has a passion for serving those who serve. His organization ArmyBassAnglers has helped raise $3.5 million for the Warrior and Family Support Center in San Antonio, Texas. Roberson takes great pride in supporting the non-profits which support our nation's veterans. Each year of FORCE on FORCE provides more funding for those non-profits as the winning teams provide all prize money to the non-profit of their choice.

Fast facts about Cody Roberson

Hometown: Cibolo, TX

Biggest fish caught: 8.68 lbs

Motto: "Confidence kills."

Cody's advice for anglers: "Keep it simple and don't overthink it."