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Niles "Willy" Bailey

A square jaw encapsulated in the undergrowth of what would resemble a southern Iowa bramble patch. Hands that mimic the bark on a scaly-bark hickory. One could argue that Willy was carved from the earth. Willy was built and wired for one thing – the outdoors. A true creature of the wilderness, he’s more comfortable in nature than any other place on earth.

After college, Willy opted to chase his dream of making a living as an outdoorsman. Like any migratory species- weather, food sources, and leisure activities determine seasonal location. This wild animal migrated between Alaska and Iowa as the seasons changed. He worked in Alaska as a guide fishing for halibut, lingcod, coho, chinook, chum and pink salmon. When that season ended, he would make his way back to Iowa and continue to supplement the launch of MudbuM. Eventually, the opportunity to join MudbuM as a full-time gig presented itself and he didn’t hesitate. He’s been full throttle MudbuM ever since.

With constant analysis of the species he is pursuing, the chess game keeps him planning the next move to complete ethical catch and release, harvest, and pursuit. The drive always burns hot and true to his roots. The most important thing is enjoying and sharing all that God has created with friends and family.

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