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Mark & Jake Romanack

Meet Fishing 411 TV hosts Mark Romanack and Jake Romanack. This father/son team combines years of fishing experience on freshwater species and the many skills required for fishing success. Using their extensive knowledge of techniques, products and cutting-edge technology, both Mark and Jake use their exceptional communication skills to teach others the art of fishing.

Mark Romanack (right) is a veteran outdoors writer/communicator with over 35 years working in the outdoor industry. Mark is also the founder and co-owner of the popular Precision Trolling Data app and is considered an authority on all things trolling. Captain Jake Romanack grew up in the fishing industry with a rod in one hand and a video camera in the other. In addition to fishing all across the country, he is also a talented videographer and editor. That ability allows him to create multi-media presentations for others to learn from. Each episode of Fishing 411 TV focus on teaching viewers that fishing is a "learned skill" and that anyone with a passion for fishing can be successful on the water.

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