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Jonny "Ricky" Wallerich

Jonathan “Jonny” Wallerich aka “Ricky Ripsnort” is a vivacious dude just trying to wheelie his way through life; often challenging the social norms of what it means to be an adult. On a scale of practical to preposterous; he spends most of his time on the right. For him, life is a perpetual quest to realize the balance between risk and reward. An affinity for the absurd and innate obligation to live life as debonair as a child are equaled only by the work ethic that enables that lifestyle.

A competitor by nature, he naturally gravitated to sports, machines capable of excessive speeds, and eccentric behavior in the relentless pursuit to entertain his friends. He’ll be the first one at camp to throw his leg over a dirt bike and shred some sod in an outfit your grandma donated to Goodwill.

Growing up in small town Iowa, being outside with his friends was the only life he knew.  Launching 3 wheelers off terraces, building backyard bike ramps, swimming in the creek, and of course the occasional trip to the river.

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