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Darren 'Dazza' Cleave

Grand Slam Fishing presenter Darren (Dazza) Cleave has been a mad-keen angler all his life, coming from a family of fisher-folk who have lived off the bounty of the sea in his native New Zealand for over 700 years.

Dazza has fished right around the Pacific Ocean, that vast stretch of blue water that holds more than 70 per cent of the world’s fish stocks. And over the last few years, Dazza has turned this passion into a profession; as a hunting and fishing tour guide in the pristine paradise of Great Barrier Island - plus as a presenter on the popular DVD series, Dazza’s Fish Tales; and on the hit TVNZ programme, Hooked in New Zealand.

Now, with Grand Slam Fishing, Darren says, “I am excited about the chance to share my passion with the rest of the world; though investigating the sustainability of South Pacific recreational fishing destinations, and an ongoing hunt for World-Record sized monsters from the deep. I’ll be chasing many hard-to-catch mega-size game fish, such as marlin, yellow-fin tuna, wahoo, broadbill, mahi mahi, snapper and sea bass.”

Darren is focused on the conservation of the resources he visits, and actively promotes the practise of catching, tagging and releasing fish.

Dazza will visit some of the South Pacific’s most beautiful, exotic and exciting destinations; including Norfolk Island, Tonga, Rarotonga, Cook Strait separating the North and South Islands of New Zealand and New Zealand’s famous Bay of Islands, known around the world as “The Anglers El Dorado.”

What’s more, Darren is not your average, laid-back fishing guide. He is excitable, engaging, passionate, and has a spirited style that bursts through the screen to hook the viewer and take them on an incredible journey.

Dazza says, “I hope you can join me for a rollicking ride around the angling paradise of the South Pacific Islands. Tune in soon for Grand Slam Fishing.”

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