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Blaine "Crash" Garrett

A guitar picking old soul and visionary. A passion for people and challenges. The burning need to be “outside and in it”. Blaine chases his dream every day. Growing up in a family that cherished down home southern cooking, Blaine grew to love the art of making a meal mom would be proud of. He prefers the old-style method of griddles, Dutch ovens, coals and fire. At camp he is usually found making the next calorie-packed creation with his good buddy Shiner. With a background in construction and a career in business development; Blaine wakes up, gets the strongest cup of coffee he can find, and attacks his day like a blood thirsty lion.

During his tenure in the construction industry, Blaine found himself tirelessly working on a prototype product with his buddies. 7 years, 9 prototype iterations, and a couple foreclosure notices later, the Hawg Lawg was born. Manufacturing started in 2014, the show was launched in 2015, the store opened in 2016, and Crash came on full-time to his own company.

Crash loves to hunt and fish as much as he loves his favorite pair of boots and a gut busting laugh. A “bullets and Bible” kind of guy, he is always looking at life through the lens of those who walked here before him.

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