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Aaron "Shiner" Creger

Shiner has always been the dude that brings the party to life. These days, his party usually consists of his 2 (soon to be 3) radical kids and amazing wife. Elly and Colt alongside his gorgeous wife Katie, are placed above all other aspects of life. However, he still lets “The Wild Ranchero” escape every time that signature sombrero masks his glistening dome. He enjoys the beauty of the outdoors and the pursuit of the next adventure. He’s a firm believer life’s adventures are best enjoyed with his best friends and family.

Camp would not be the same place without Shiner. He brings humor to every facet of his life and enriches the lives of those around him.  His work ethic is matched only by his impact on the lives of others. Shiner also believes he’s a world-class mouth harp player, so don’t tell him he really isn’t that good!

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