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Zoom Salty Super Fluke

Posted by on Aug 13, 2011   12:00 AM  | WFN Community

    Zoom has done it again a great bait that bass love.  This bait is called the Super Fluke.  It is a jerkbait plastic that triggers bass effectively.  Some great colors are albino, baby bass, and smoken shad.  I prefer the smoken shad and albino because it looks just like a minnow around here.
                                                                            Albino color

    To work the bait I reel the bait slowly and jerk the rod up so the bait comes to the top.  Then as the flutters to the bottom the bass usually strike it.  Doing this mimics a minnow getting away from predators.  This bait is used at all levels of fishing including professional fishing. 
    Ott Defoe, B.A.S.S. rookie of the year for 2011, used the Super Fluke to win the Bassmaster Elite Series all-star tournament on the Alabama River.