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Peter Miller: 2013’s Epic Marlin

Posted by on Dec 18, 2013   2:50 PM |  Year in Review

Bass 2 Billfish was new to World Fishing Network in 2013. Host Peter Miller took a moment to tell us about what made 2013 an epic year on the water (hint: marlin and daytime swords).

A Memorable Marlin, Times Two

The most memorable catch for me was of a 650lb blue marlin in St. Thomas.

It is my largest fish by far. It took over 1 hour to bring it boatside before tagging and releasing it. I was recovering from a fractured hip injury and still sort of limping on 1 leg.

We had been trolling in glass calm seas for about 5 hours without a bite. All of a sudden one of the rigger clips snapped and we sprang into action as a 450lb blue marlin began ripping line off of the massive reel. My buddy Kitt, jumped into the fighting chair and began fighting this beast.

While I was helping to clear the lines, I noticed a giant blue marlin following the teaser back up to the boat. I immediately grabbed a pre rigged, pitch bait rod with a ballyhoo and dropped it back into the teaser position. I lifted the tip of my rod, as high as possible, to keep the bait skipping. The water erupted and a 600+ lb blue marlin devoured my bait. I dropped back for a 5 count and looked up at the captain and told him I was going on my fish. He said “what fish”? ….He hadn’t seen this one, as everyone was focused on the 450lb marlin greyhounding away. However, famed photographer, Richard Gibson, was in the tower with his lens pointed at my fish and looked down at me and winked. He had seen the whole thing. I put the reel in gear, no fighting belt, on basically one leg with a kick stand for the other.

The fish made a hole in the water and just windshield wiped with its giant bill and didn’t move from its spot, as we continued ahead, with line ripping off of my 50 international.

An hour later, after both of our fish had gone in opposite directions, we were able to get releases on both. Over 1,000 pounds of Marlin. It was epic.

“Like a helicopter had dropped a car in the water”

While daytime swordfishing for the first time, my team and I hooked up with a sword and the line went completely slack. We had over 2,000 feet of line out, so we thought it was pretty odd.

We had heard that the fish eat on the bottom, in this case 1,787 feet deep and they tend to race to the surface. Well, our fish apparently raced to the surface, just like we were told, explaining why we had all slack. Our entire team was looking out in the 10 o’clock direction, where we had deployed the bait, waiting to see it break the surface. But the fish launched at 3 o’clock behind us, only identifiable by the loud crashing on the surface as it landed back in the water. It looked like a helicopter had dropped a car in the water, by the amount of water that had been displaced. It was a moment I will never forget.

After a 2 1/2 hour fight, we wound up boating this fish. It was our 1st daytime swordfish, weighing in at 350lbs.

The year ahead

My plan as always, is to introduce people to the sport of fishing. From men and women, children to young adults and from varying ethnic backgrounds.

In addition to this, I will be shooting my 6th Season of Bass 2 Billfish, while simultaneously working on a fishing feature film. All of my free time will be spent with my wife, Ulrika and children, Emily (9) and Niles (15).

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