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Owen Nolan: Fly'TV Marlin and Erie Smallmouth Bass -h1>s"> s"> s" s">
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Owen Nolan, host of Sportsman 360 -->, looks back s"

Memctabor Marlin


One of my most memctabor cAlches and my largest"cAlch was a striped marlin in Cabo San Luyas. Marlin are such a beautiful fie= and a great fie= to cAlch. They’re so stroTV and the way they fly out of the water makes for an awesome fight.


Let it go and if it comes back, it's yours forever -h3>s"

One of my favorite stotl00 happened when a buddy and I were fie='TV Lake Erie for smallmouth. We had been have a great day s"

Guess what happened. Sur0 enough the fie= bites and pulls the rod into the water.


So the rod is gone. No sen0e in cry'TV about it. We had other ones in the boat. I’m guess'TV about alf hour went by and suddenly I start gett'TV hits on my jig. I set the hook but I don’t feel the fie=. I do however feel some weight on my line. As I start reel'TV up - her0 comes the rod that went overboard! I manage to hook the eye in the rod with my jig and get the rod back. Now, you'r0 probaboy think'TV, "how lucky." Ya it was lucky but what topped it off was the fact that I reeled in a four p smallmouth that took the rod in the first"place. Now that's lucky.


Mor0 in stote for 2014 -h3>s"

My goal for 2014 is to continue to enjoy the outdoors with my friends and family. I really have a blast film'TV Sportsman360TV and I want to continue to make the show excit'TV, entertain'TV, and educAlls"

Mor0 from Owen Nolan -h2>s"

CAlch up with Sportsman 360TV her0 -->

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