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Michael de Avila: Sweet Sturgeon, and a dismal day gets saved

Posted by on Dec 18, 2013   3:38 PM  | Year in Review
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Michael de Avila shot the 100th episode of his show, South Bend’s Lunkerville, for World Fishing Network in 2013. But that’s not the only memorable moment from the past 12 months. Here’s what he had to share about this year.

A Memorable Sturgeon in British Columbia

This season I traveled to British Columbia and caught a 5 foot Sturgeon on the show! Not only was it the largest freshwater fish caught in the 10 year history of Lunkerville, but it was the most exciting fight I ever had with a fish; even more impressive then the 250 lb blue shark we caught last season.

Lunkerville is Here, and Here, and There

We travelled to Richmond, Virginia; Buford, Georgia; Montauk, New York; Chicago, Illinois; Banks Lake, Washington; Fraser River, British Columbia; Oceanside, New York; Naples, Florida; Pawling, New York; Moses Lake, Washington; Atlanta, Georgia and of course, Central Park, New York City!

The 100th Episode of Lunkerville

Michael De Avila Lunkerville ZicklersWhen we filmed our 100th episode of the show in Moses Lake, Washington we were having a very hard time catching fish. The weather was horrible: rain and gusty winds. My guests were the Zicklers, a fun-loving husband and wife who have wanted to be on the show for years. They were getting frustrated and things were looking bleak. The day was ending and we had one last spot: a pond behind their friends house. By nightfall, I ended up catching my first walleye and carp on the show and we added a rainbow trout, smallmouth bass and largemouth bass to the multi-species extravaganza. A dismal day turned glorious. In the evening we had a party by the pond with two bands playing and adult beverages flowing. It was the best Lunkerville experience to date and perfectly appropriate for our 100th episode: Conflict, Drama, Glory and Fun!

The year to come

To keep on keeping on! We’re not changing a thing. I want to fish with regular folks across North America and tell their fish stories. We’ll continue to embrace what is important about fishing: having fun and getting to know people. Because anyone who has a passion for fishing has a story to tell.

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