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Year In Review

Mariko Izumi: Marlins, Traveling the World and a New Co-Host

Posted by on Dec 16, 2013   11:39 AM  | Year in Review
Mariko Izumi

We asked Mariko Izumi, host of WFN’s Hookin’ Up With Mariko, about her year fishing around the World.

Mariko’s Most Memorable Catch

A blue marlin that I fought for an hour and a half, out of Cayman Islands (pictured above). I’ve had quite a few tough fights, but I think this one was my hardest yet! I love marlin fishing because it requires a true team effort and there’s always an element of controlled chaos.

Nick & MarikoWorld Travels

I had the chance to travel the World shooting for WFN. In 2013 I visited North Carolina, Louisiana, southwest Florida, NYC, Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Tofino (Vancouver Island, Canada), Northern Californa, Baja Coast (Mexico), Grand Cayman, southwest Costa Rica and Panama.

Florida Jacks

Nick (my new co-host on Hookin’ Up) and I fished a bridge in Matlacha near Pine Island, Florida, with some rented rods and no clue as to what we were going to catch that day. We ended up catching a crevalle jack (my first one ever!). Since we didn’t have a gaff and the leader was too light to pull up, Nick reached down over the ledge, almost falling in, and grabbed the tail of the jack.  He then proceeded to pull it out of the water and on to his belly as that was the only way he could have landed the fish without falling in and without hurting the jack.  It was a pretty funny and unexpected fishing moment!

2014: Hookin’ Up in Asia?

I’d love to do another round of traveling and fishing with the Hookin’ Up crew. I’d like to add another big game fish to my repertoire – possibly a black marlin or swordfish, and if at all possible, I’d like to include southeast Asia in our schedule!

More about Mariko Izumi

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