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Year In Review

Jim Sammons: 2013’s Huge Tarpon!

Posted by on Dec 13, 2013   3:58 PM  | Year in Review
Jim Sammons Big Tarpon

We asked Jim Sammons, host of The Kayak Fishing Show, to share his most memorable moments of 2013, and to give us a sneak peek at his 2014 plans. Jim travelled to Uganda, Puerto Rico, Artic Circle, East Cape Baja Mexico, North and South Carolina and San Clemente Island in 2013.

Most Memorable Catch

I would say my most memorable catch this year was while fishing in Puerto Rico. Just before we arrived there had been a algae bloom and what is normally a very good fishery had shut down completely. We worked hard, paddling our kayaks from ten to twelve hours every day for five days without a bite. The stress levels were high, the frustration levels even higher. With one hour left on the last day of shooting I finally hooked up a nice tarpon. I was terrified I was going to lose it and was honestly shaking while I was fighting the fish. The stress release when I finally landed that fish was insane and hard to describe. Extra special because my wife was along on this trip and taking stills. So she got to see how we work on our shoots and I got to share with her this amazing fish. I will remember that fish for a very long time.

My largest catch from a kayak this year was a striped marlin while fishing out of Rancho Leonero in the East Cape of Baja.

Lure vs. Clever Lake Trout

The thing I saw while on the water that surprised me the most was while fishing on Great Bear Lake in the Arctic Circle. We were trolling lures for lake trout in the ultra clear water. I was paddling just back and to the side of my fishing partner Jeff, even with his lure to the point that I could see it clearly in the water off to my side. I was just watching the lure swing from side to side when a big lake trout came up behind it ready to strike, but it didn’t. I watched this fish charge and drop back from the lure for more than a mile of paddling, following and charging but never hitting it. It was simply amazing to watch, I was blown away by how far this fish followed the lure.

Looking Ahead

I have a signature kayak coming out next year from Jackson Kayak that I am really excited about and spending a lot of time working on. I can’t wait to get that into some people’s hands to try out.

On the fishing side of things I just want to visit more places and meet more people that share the love of kayak fishing that I have. I love fishing new waters and adding more new species to my kayak fishing caught list. There is nothing I like more than sharing these adventures with our fans and we are working hard to do a better job of it each year. So I guess what I want to accomplish this year is simply get better and what we are doing and share it with more people.

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