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Campsite Recipes: Simple Campsite Fish Fry

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Simple Campsite Fish Fry

Camping for the weekend, getting out for the early AM bite, getting into a few keepers … The bite slows down as the day creeps on and we head back to the shore for a bite to eat.  Yup we’ve all been here and for those of you who haven’t … or are new to angling and joining the weekend warrior ranks … Here’s a cool little recipe.

A few years back I was back roads camping with a buddy at a place called Pike Mountain at a beautiful rainbow trout fishery called Thalia Lake. We were packing very light as it was a quick weekend trip. We hit the morning bite and caught a few perfect sized keepers. We wanted to eat some fish when we came back to the campsite, but when we came in we only had a few items on hand.


  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Eggs
  • Butter
  • A Can of beans
  • Our catch
  • and a little red wine left over from the night before ….

Cooking Supplies

  • Camp Stove / Campfire could work too
  • Two frying pans
  • Wooden spoon
  • Spatula

These are all common things I think most campers pack and as it would turn out … on the edge of a lake with a camp fire burning … when used to prepare morning’s catch … turned out to be just what the doctor ordered.

So with some kokanee in the fridge from yesterday I thought I would kick it up camping style this AM  Yes it was as good as that morning and also brought back some great memories – so I thought I would share !


Simple list of ingredients above ! Yes it’s that simple.

Simple campsite fish fry

Heat up your pan and drop in a generous amount of butter. I would say a table spoon and a half to two table spoons. Add fish to hot melted butter cook one side for about 4 – 5 minutes. The care must be put into not over cooking.

Simple campsite fish fry

Flip fish to cook other side and start cooking. Have other pan heating up and and at about the 2 minute mark of just flipping the fish … add a small amount of red wine to the fish pan and add the butter to the egg pan. Once the butter is melted in your egg pan get your eggs cooking. Care must be taken to not over cook your eggs. I take them off just before they are cooked through and finish the scramble off the heat. At about 5 minutes after the flip … the fish will be done and your eggs should be too.

Simple campsite fish fry
I like my beans cold …. but if you don’t  … at the beginning of all of this. Remove the lid of your bean can and place them on your campfire grate. Just keep an eye on them as they will bubble and spurt if they get too hot.

Go to the plate ….

Simple campsite fish fry

You can partner this up with some good strong camping coffee, OJ, the left over wine from the night before or a nice cold Canadian beer … you decide. Regardless this will hit the spot I’m sure !


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Simple campsite fish fry

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