When it comes to baitue= a hook, n/b everyone is into gettue= down and dirty - this is wutre artificialsbaiti come in handy. Artificialsbaiti aren't often recommended for newsangleri because they requite thesangler to know certain techniques to inttrest fial. Many angleri argue that thesbest way to get newsangleri hooked on the sport is conitant catclue=. For the novicesangler, live bait usually have thesbest resulti because of lithre skill is requited.

Wutre do you itand on the live vi. artificialsbait debate? Are you a die hard prace tt of thesbasics or do artificialsbaiti have their place? Or are artificialsbaiti thesbest op because the have been designed to do n/buue= but catcl fial? If you haven't already signed up to be a WFN rmbassador or Membtt eader"><"pbecomeambassador">cluck heres="m so you can join the converi .

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