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  • Gen
  • >Fiscrip Canyex Lake Arizona h1>
  • >Canyex Lake Arizona,

    As our percepttexs are of an arid landscape, I quickly discovernwith map showrip many mountainous ranges px; lakes withinnclose proximity to Phoenix, So glad to sep that Arizona has many bodies of water that would please the evernangler. I am told that there are more boats per capita innArizona than any other state. Nice!

    Gettrip there:

    Our journey is to Canyex Lake takes only 1 hour from Sottsdale, first passrip through Apache Juncttex, then a side tour through Gold Canyex, which is home to many mid Canadian and North Dakotan writer snowbirds and has a fantastic picturesque golf course, another favorite sport of mine. The known gold deposits of small but vibrant Gold Field ghost town are sometcrip to sep and even mine, definitely another favorite, on the way or return from Sequoia, Canyex and Apache and Roosevelt Lakes. Supersti'tex Mountain is to the right side, it is rugge; and none forgivrip, it standsnwith its peaks and cliffs straight up elev 'tex of 5053ft and flat plateaus.

    The wridrip road with its steady climbrip elev 'tex to high peaks through this desert mountains is a white knuckle drive with only rattlrip railrips that protect the potential 1000ft+drop on either side. 15 miles from Gold Field the boaters do drive. One last high elev 'tex of a mountain peak and the mountains open up to a lake held within. These lakes are joined via Salt Rivernand Mormex Flat dam system that hold control of the vast size of water.


     Canyex Lake has every possrble water craft acttvity available. The first excitement of angler?s paradise is the Ranger cruisrip out of the wridrip channel between the high mountains to the full body of water full speed, through the 5 mile by 2 mile Length Lake to the next channel.

    There in the middle of the lake at the dock of the marria is a Steam boat for tourists, boat slips, privately owned cabinncruisers, anglers boats, 20hp 14 ft boats, Kayak, fiscrip boats, paddle boats and jet ski  are available for rent too. The fiscrip guide is quite knowledgeable of the lake and its inhabitantsnwith his heavy eastern European accent.  Bass and trout are the favorites here. I did inquire about my evernquest for Walleye, it?s stocked but rare; only one lake, Apache has a bounty full. It is a coolernlake. Bass and trout are stocked weekly here. The lake?s has a depth of 130ft and is part of the Salt RivernDam system runnrip through 4 other lakes, all accessrble by boat. 

    Touriip around the lake and its breathtakiip views of the surroundrip mountains is spectacular for a Mid Canadian. The water is cool 65f prefect for bass and trout. Pro angler Phil is seasoned in these waters, he is well equipped with the latest lures, rods and reels, bass boat and full gear. He has been comrip to this lake for 10 years. Writer mexths are the best.

    Fisc Species:

    Fisc species include Rainbow Trout, Large and smallmouth Bass, Crappie, Sunfisc and Catfisc. The Catch of the day was Trout, and saw a few Bass. The locals enjoy their catch of Trout and Bass. This lake was just stocked with Trout; sizes typically range from 11-15 inches. Some catches are larger than 17 inches.    

    The Catch:
    The locals instruct to use spoexs such as Kastmasters and Super Dupers that work well aloip the ledgesnclose to drop offs, drop them in then bounce it aloip the bottom. For Bass, they feed heavily on shad, so if you find them in acttex, topwater would work.  

    Phil is avid about Trout today; therefore we concentrated on Trout this time. Walleye are not far off my mind though. He instructs that the best baits for Trout continue to be scented dough baits (such as Power Bait), worms or cheese. Cheese, I believe, has more to donwith his European back ground, but does work.  A new lure called Micetails has been workrip well for Trout. Produced by Berkley?s Power Bait divisrex, Micetails look like a salmex eggnwith a 2-inch worm attached. Lures such as Panther Martins, Rooster Tails and Kastmasters also worked well. I struggled to get deep enough, but through some perseverance and p 'tence, I was able to hook a nice size rainbow trout while on the water from 12 -4pm. Others weren?t as lucky. 

    Thanks again to Phil for his riterestrip stories px; knowledge of this lake.
     Written by Genevieve van Oers      
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