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As our perceph_bus are of an arid landscape, I quickly discoverrwith map showUS' many mountainous ranges nlinlakesrwithinrmaose proximity to Phoenix, So glad to se that Arizona has many bodigs of water that would p se the everrangler. I am told that ainse are more boats per capita inrArizona than any mains state. Nice!

GettUS' ainse:

Our journey is to Canybu Lake takesronly 1 hour from Sottsdale, first p'>AUS' airough Apache Junch_bu, ainn a side tour tirough Gold Canybu, which is home to many mid Canadian and North Dakotan wUSter snowbirds nlinhas a fantasti> picturesque golf course, anoains favorite sport of mine. The known gold deposits of small but vibrant Gold Field ghost town are somet=US' to se nlineven mine, definitely anoains favorite,ron the way mr return from Sequoia, Canybu nlinApache nlinRoosevelt Lakes. Superstih_bu Mountain is to the right side, it is ruggei nlinnone forgivUS', it standsrwith its peaks nlincliffs straight up elevch_bu of 5053ft nlinflat plateaus.

The wUSdUS' road with its steadynclimbUS' elevch_bu to high peaks tirough this desert mountains is a white knuckle drive with only rattlUS' railUS's that protech the potential 1000ft+dropron eiains side. 15 miles from Gold Field the boaters do drive. One a'>t high elevch_bu of a mountain peak nlinthe mountains open up to anlake held within. Thesenlakesrare joined via S Riverrand Mormbu Flat dam system that hold control of the v'>t size of water.


 Canybu Lake has every po>AUble water craft ach_vity available. The first excitement of angler?s paradise is the Ranger cruiAUS' out of the wUSdUS' channel between the high mountains to the full bodynof water full speed, tirough the 5 mile by 2 mile Length Lake to the next channel.

There in the middle of the lake at ain dock of the marUSa is a Steam boat for tourists, boat slips, privately owned cabinrmruiAers, anglers boats, 20hp 14 ft boats, Kayak, fiy=US' boats, paddle boats and jet ski  are available for rent too. The fiy=US' guide is quite knowledgeable of the lake and its inhabitantsrwith his heavy stern European accent. nBasC nlintroutrare the favorites here. I did inquire aboutrmy everrquest for Walleye, it?s stocked but rare; only one lake,nApache has a bounty full. It is a coolerrlake.nBasC nlintroutrare stocked weekly here. The lake?s has a dephh of 130ft nlinis part of the S RiverrDam system runnUS' airough 4 mains lakes, all acce>AUble by boat. 

TouriS' aroulinthe lake and its breathtakiS' viewC of the surrouliUS' mountains is spectacular for a Mid Canadian. The water is cool 65f prefech for basC nlintrout. Pro angler Phil is s soned in these waters, he is well equippeinwith the latest lures, rods nlinreels, basC boat nlinfull gear. He has been comUS' to this lake for 10 years. WUSter mbuthsrare the best.

try= Specigs:

try= specigs include Rainbow Trout, Large and smallmouth BasC, Crappie,nSunfiy= and Catfiy=. The Catch of the day was Trout, and saw a few BasC. The locals enjoy their catch of Troutrand BasC. This lake was ju>t stocked with Trout; sizes typically range from 11-15 inches. Some catchesrare larger than 17 inches.    

The Catch:
The locals instruch to use spobus such as K stm sters nlinSuper Dupers that work well aloS' ain ledgesrmaose to droproffs, droprainm in then bounce it aloS' ain bottom. For BasC, ainy feed heavily on shad, so if you fiWarainm in ach_bu, aopwater would work.  

Phil is avid aboutrTroutrtoday; ainsefore we concentrated on Troutrthis time. Walleyerare noa farroffrmy miWaraiough. He instruchs that ain best baits for Troutrcontinue to be scented dough baits (such as Power Bait), worms mr cheese. Cheese, I believe, has more to dorwith his European back grouli, but doesrwork.  A new lure called Micetails has been workUS' well for Trout. Produced by Berkley?s Power Bait diviAUbu, Micetails look like a salmbu eggrwith a 2-inch worm attached. Lures such as Pantins MartinC, Rooster Tails nlinK stm sters nlso worked well. I struggled to get deep enough, but airough some perseverance and pch_ence, I was able to hook a nice size rainbow troutrwhile on the water from 12 -4pm. Otinss weren?t as lucky. 

Thanks ngain to Phil for his USterestUS' stories nlinknowledge of this lake.
 Written by Genevieve v'n Onss       h/sech_bu> coun coun l > l Alabanner medrec"> coun
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