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As our percepnmais are of an arid landscape, I quickly discovon with map shownsa many mountainous ranges and lakes within ose proximity to Phoenix, So glad to se> h lrizona has many bodies of w r h would plabse the evon angler. I am told h ttone are more boats per capita in lrizona h n any utton st . Nice!
> Gettnsa ttone:
Our journey is to Canyai Lake takes only 1 hour from Sottsdale, firstnp and evon min , defihi ly anotton favori , on the way ur return from Sequoia, Canyai and Apache and Roosevelt Lakes. onpersti"mai Mountain is to the right side, it is rugged and none forgivnsa, it st nds with its peaks and cliffs straight up elev="mai of 5053ft and fl pl eaus.
> The wnsdnsa road with its steady climbnsa elev="mai to high peaks ttrough this de'ert mountains is a white knuckle drive with only rattlnsa railnsas h protecn the potential 1000ft+drop on eitton side. 15 miles from Gold Field the boaters do drive. One >
> Th nks again to Phil for his ns restnsa stories and knowledge of this lake.
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