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Fish in Comfort with a Quality Carhartt Jacket

Posted by on Oct 27, 2013   11:53 PM  | GearWFN Community
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Being a WFN Ambassador is not without its perks, and from time to time one of those perks is getting the opportunity to review a great new product. I was recently fortunate enough to receive just such an opportunity and was given a free Carhartt Quick Duck Woodward Traditional Jacket to review. As it just so happened, I was in the market for a new fall/early winter jacket, so the timing could not have worked out better.


When I received my package via FedEx, as soon as I cracked open the box and pulled out the jacket I could tell it was a quality product. Triple stitched along all major seams, the jacket’s outer shell is constructed of Carhartt’s patented light weight Quick Duck water repellent canvas while its inner layer is a quilted nylon lining stuffed with a mid-weight polyester insulation.

I’ve owned many jackets of similar style made by brands like Dickies, but none would be able to match the quality of the Quick Duck Woodward Traditional Jacket by Carhartt. Even in the hardest of downpours the Quick Duck canvas easily repels rain like water off a duck’s back. And weighing in at just 8.5 ounces, the jacket is light enough to remain comfortable, dry, and warm, without impeding your flexibility and range of motion. Combined with durable triple stitched seams and heavy duty metal zippers, this jacket is constructed to handle anything an angler can throw at it.


Available in three colors (Black, Canyon Brown, and Olive), I received an olive jacket and have to admit, though I’d usually go with black if given the choice, I quite like the olive. Combined with the heavy duty metal zippers and snaps, the olive color almost gives the jacket a military inspired look, which I’m a big fan of.

One thing is for sure, you’ll never be short of storage options with the Quick Duck Woodward Traditional Jacket by Carhartt. Sporting six pockets in all: two external chest pocket with snap closures; two external hand level pockets with heavy duty metal zippers and protective zipper flaps; one internal right chest level pocket with a velcro closure; one internal left hand level media pocket with a zippered closure. The media pocket leads to an outlet on the inside upper chest and a headphone loop on the collar, giving any angler the ability to enjoy their music while keeping their phone/mp3 player protected from the elements in an internal zippered pocket and also ensuring the headphone line doesn’t interfere with casting.


There are a few very clever features on the Quick Duck Woodward Traditional Jacket by Carhartt that really sets it apart from its competitors. A large collar that zips all the way up provides extra protection from the elements and makes keeping warm and dry easy. A drop tail cut to the bottom hem, leaving the back hem of the jacket slightly longer than the front, provides more protective coverage from the rain and wind when bending over and sitting down.

My favorite feature of all, however, is the very cleverly designed tapered cuffs. Each sleeve has an internal elastic woollen cuff that ensures a snug fit at the wrist, blocking any rain and wind from entering the jacket, while a tapered outer cuff made of the Quick Duck canvas that’s shorter on the bottom and longer on top means that even in a heavy rainfall the water will simply flow off the longer upper cuff, bypassing the hands and keeping you dry.


The Quick Duck Woodward Traditional Jacket by Carhartt is a great quality jacket full of features, but just two minor improvements would make it the perfect fall and early winter jacket. A removable liner would make the jacket more versatile and extend its period of usability, while a removable matching hood made of the same Quick Duck canvas would make it the ultimate jacket for fishing on rainy fall days.


With a sticker price of $130.00 USD, the Quick Duck Woodward Traditional Jacket by Carhartt is a great buy. You’ll be hard pressed to find an insulated, water repellent jacket that’s as light-weight, durable, well-constructed, and feature loaded as this one for just $130.00 USD. If you’re an avid angler or outdoorsman, this jacket will keep you warm and dry during the fall and winter months, and is worth every penny.

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