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South Carolina Gators ‘n Bass Road Trip

Posted by on Apr 25, 2013   11:18 AM |  WFN TV

Talk about a road trip to remember.

On this weeks episode of Extreme Angler TV, I was on a filming road trip through the midwest U.S. in mid March with a stop over in sunny, warm South Carolina and spent a great day with my good buddy, Patrick Crawford who is a full time guide out of Charleston, S.C. who specializes in Redfish, trout, shark and many more saltwater gritters.

But on this day, we shared the front deck of his saltwater Ranger in pursuit of largemouth bass on the world famous Santee Cooper waterway.
South Carolina

The raw beauty of this waterway attracts anglers and visitors from around the globe with a wide variety of birds, wildlife, fish and amazing scenery.

But for me, it was March, and I wanted to get away from the cold, snowy temps in Ontario and fish for Bass.
The only bad part of this trip was the airline sent my fishing rods to the wrong destination!
I was in South Carolina for two days and my rod case was someplace else.
Lucky for me, when I was in Charleston in January fishing with Patrick for redfish, I left some St.Croix rods and Ardent reels, just in case….this was the case.

We headed over to a local tackle shop to pick up some Daiichi/XPoint Hooks, braided lines and Strike King 3″ rodents.
XPoint wide gap hook
XPoint wide gap hook

Strike King 3" rodent
Strike King 3″ rodent

After launching the boat and slowly idling out of the shallow, weedy canal towards the big lake we decided to stay away from the more crowded local spots and rather put the trolling motor down in the same canal we just launched the boat and start pitching and punching our baits along the edges and thru the thick matted weed which lined the canal.
It did not take long before we hooked up with our first largemouth of the trip.
largemouth bass

To be honest, we didn`t catch a lot of bass, not any of the monster bass the Santee Cooper is known for coughing up each year, but being able to fish for bass, in March while wearing shorts, sandals and of course sunscreen made up for any short comings for these tough bass hiding in the stuff I like to catch them in, heavy, potential line breaking cover!
This is what greeted us on some of the beaches we past on route to our fishing spots

And as an added bonus, I got a first hand look at why you need to pay attention and not fall into the drink while fishing amongst these Gator infested waters. On more than one occasion while punching mat in the heavy stuff, the entire mat would rise and create a wave coming directly at the boat and swimming by us, underneath the weed, were these big, fat toothy critters called gators.

alligator teeth

All in all, it was a very exciting trip, except for the missing rods/tackle, but having the opportunity to fish for bass in hot, sunny conditions comparable to Ontario in July, except it was still March, I would go back in a heartbeat.
Hope you enjoy the show.