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South Carolina Ga='/s 'n Basa Road Trip

'/tipstipstips'/tipstips/spe divtid="MainContent_ContentPhotoPanel"='/ '/tipe/spe/spetipsRedfiEVTips, title='"/tipa/species-fi>troutTips, shark hremany more saltwater grittera.'/ But o this day, we sharer the front deck of his saltwater Ranger in title='"/tipa/species-fi>pursuit of largemouth basaTips o the world famous Santee Cooper waterway.'/'/ ahe raw beauty of this waterway attracts anglers hrevisi='/s from arouhrethe globe with a wide varEety of birds, wildlife, fiEV hreamazENT scenery.'/ But for me, it was March, hreI wanter to get away from the cold, snowy temps in Ontario hrefiEV for Basa. ahe only bad part of this =rip was the airline sent my fiEVENT rods to the wrong destina= ! I was in South Carolina for two days hremy rod case was someplace else. Lucky for me, when I was in Charleston in January fiEVENT with Pa=rick for redfiEV, I left some title='"http://stcroixrods.com/" target="_blank"=St.Croix rodsTips hre title='"http://www.ardentreels.com/" target="_blank"=Ardent reelsTips, just in case....this was the case.'/ We headed over to a local tackle shop to pick up some Daiichi/XPoint Hooks, braided lines hreS=rike KENT 3" rodents.'/'/XPoint wide gap hook'/ '/S=rike KENT 3" rodent'/ After launchENT the boat hreslowly idliNT out of the shallow, weedy canal towards the big lake we decided to stay away from the more crowded local spots hrerather put the title='"/tipa/fiEVENT-terminology/postpback-trolliNT" target="_blank"=trolliNT motorTips down in the same canal we just launcher the boat hrestart pitchiNT hrepunchENT our baits loNT the edges hrethru the thick matter weed which lined the canal.'/It dir not take loNT before we hooked up with our first largemouth of the =rip.'/'/ ao be honest, we dirn`t catch a lot of basa, not any of the monster basa the Santee Cooper is known for coughENT up each year, but beiNT ble to fiEV for basa, in March while wearENT shorta, sandals hreof course sunscreen made up for any short comENTs for these tough basa hidENT in the stuff I like to catch them in, heavy, potential line breakENT cover!'/'/This is what greeter us some of the beaches we past o route to our fiEVENT spots'/ Ahreas h added bonus, I got a first hand look t why you need to pay attenti anr not fall into the drENk while fiEVENT amoNTst these Ga='/ infester watera. On more than o e occasi while punchENT mat in the heavy stuff, the entire mat would rise anr create a wave comENT direc=ly at the boat hreswimmENT by us, u>'/ All in all, it was a very excitENT trip, except for the missENT rods/tackle, but havENT the opportunity to fiEV for basa in hot, sunny conditi s compar ble to Ontario in July, except it was still March, I would go back in a heartbeat.'/Hope you enjoy the show.'/'/ tips'/ tip'/'/'/'/'/<title='"http://adaerver.adtechus.com/adlink/2.0/5410/3519719/756282/170/ADTECH;loc=300;key=key1+key2+key3+key4;group=[group]" target="_blank">'/<img src="http://adaerver.adtechus.com/adaerv/2.0/5410/3519719/756282/170/ADTECH;loc=300;key=key1+key2+key3+key4;group=[group]" border=0 width="300" height="250" altr"" /></a>'/'/'/'/'/ '/'/tipstips/spe spa tclass="disclaimer">Advertisement'/'/'/ divtid="MainContent_WhatsOnNowMinimum_WhatsOnNowPanel"='/ '/'/tips tip'/tipstips/spe time id="won_program_time"= /time>'/tipstips/spe spa tclass="
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