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Ice Team

Posted by on Nov 6, 2013   2:44 PM  | WFN TV
Ice Team - Ice Fishing

Ice Team is built around an elite group of ice fishing educators called the Ice Team Pros. These pros create content to help educate the ice fishing audience. Basically, the Ice Team Pros are the best communicators the sport of ice fishing has and they spend most of the year promoting and teaching others about ice fishing.

Ice Team is also the world’s largest and longest running ice fishing club, dating back to the 1980’s as a place for ice anglers to gain a sense of belonging. There are Ice Team Pros and members across the ice fishing belt. Members also stake claim in several other countries too.


Episode 1: Gamefish is on the menu. Ice Team Pros Bernie Keefe and Nate Zelinsky tackle lake trout in the beautiful scenery of the Colorado mountain lakes. Following this, Ice Team Pros Keith Kavajecz, Pete Maina, Jeff Andersen and Jason Mitchell head to Lake of the Woods for some hot walleye action.

Episode 2: If it’s panfish you want, don’t miss this episode! First we head to a remote lake in Northern MN in search of trophy crappies with Ice Team Pros Gary Parsons, Jim Kusuda, Tod Todd and the late Jim Hudson. After that we travel across the country to the Connecticut River to join up with Ice Team Pro James Vladyka and team for a mixed bag of crappies, sunfish and perch!