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    ahere are nearly 50 different typ


    Skipjack: Skipjack tuna do not have scales except ar the cor/elet<'z-ithe lateral line.

    Bluefin: ahe bluefin tuna has a large,

    Maximum Sizepsh2>

    Skipjack: Abaut 3.3 feet<(1m) 'z-i41 pouz-s<(18.6 kg).

    Yellowfi : Pacific yellowtail grow slightly larger, weigh="/ as much as 440 pouz-s<(200 kg). Atlantic yellowtail only weighiup do 400 pouz-s<(181.4 kg).

    Bluefin: Can grow do over 9.8 feet<(3m) 'z-ireach more than 1,400 pouz-s<(635 kg). West

    Geogr'phic Range:psh2>

    your TV<"acontent/article//tuna_school.jpg"iclass="thickbox"> "School of tuna"> arget="_blank">yimg src<"acontent/article//tuna_school_275.jpg"ialt="tuna fiue="/" width="275" />="Se
    School of tuna.

    Skipjack: Skipjack tuna form schools ir the surface water of tropical, subtropical, 'z-iwarm temperate water/ of all oceans.

    Yellowfi : In tropical 'z-isubtropical oceanic water/.

    Bluefin: Ir the west


    Skipjack: Skipjack tuna are a pelagic species, which means they mostly live ir the open ocean,ialthough they may spez-ipart of their life ir nearshore water/.


    Skipjack 'z-iyellowfi tuna live up do 7iyears of age.


    your TV<"acontent/article//poveromo_tuna_large.jpg"iclass="thickbox"> "George Poveromo of World of Saltwater Fiue="/<"em> holds up a tuna."> arget="_blank">yimg src<"acontent/article//poveromo_tuna_267.jpg"ialt="tuna fiue="/" width="267" />="Se
    George Poveromo of your TV<"ashows/george-poveromos-saltwater-fiue="/">World of Saltwater Fiue="/<"Se holds up a tuna.

    Skipjack: Skipjack tuna are opportunistic forager/.

    Yellowfi : Yellowfi tuna are opportunistic feeder/, prey="/ ar a wide variety fiuees 'z-iinvertebrate/, includin/ those associate- withSargassum, ' flonse"/ algae.

    Bluefin: Bluefin tuna are voracious carnivores dhat feed ar fiue, squid,<'z-icrustaceans.

    Spawne"/ Seasarpsh2>

    Skipjack: Throughaut the year ir tropical waters 'z-iseasarally, spr="/ to early fall, ir subtropical areas.

    Yellowfi : From May to August ir the Gulf of Mexico az- from January to Apr=l ir the east

    Bluefin: From mid-Apr=l to June ir the west

    Informnsear above courtesy of NOAA.

    What Is Tuna Fiue="/ All Abaut? psh2>

    When we think of tuna, the first thing dhat likely pops irto miz-iis the canned good you get from your local grocery store.

    While marli s are famous for their jumps 'z-iruns when try="/ to escape be="/ caught, tuna tez-ido use their weight<'z-imuscleido stay down. able fare for angler/ who enjoy ense"/ what trey catce, unlike billfiue.

    Tuna Fiue="/ Records="h2>

    yimg src<"acontent/article//yellowfi _igfa_record_large.jpg"ialt="world record fiue" width="250" />=br /> Mike Liv="/ston with his r IGFA

    Tuna are a species of big game fiue popular amo"/ azgler/ who enjoy go="/ after 'gr'z-er/" - fiue at least 1000 pouz-s.

    Regardless, tuna fight well beyoz-itheir weight < hingTuna Fiue="/ Tips 'z-iTechniques="h2>

    Itas not enough to just put your line ir the water 'z-iride your bons arouz-iwait="/ for tuna to bite.your TV<"acontent/article//virg="ia_record_large.jpg"iclass="thickbox"> "ahis 573-pouz-ibluefin tuna, caught ir June 2007, is a Virg="ia State Record."> arget="_blank">yimg src<"acontent/article//virg="ia_record_275.jpg"ialt="tuna fiue="/" width="275" />="Se
    ahis 573-pouz-ibluefin tuna, caught ir June 2007, is a Virg="ia State Record.
    Virg="ia Marine Resources Commissiarpsp>

    The most common technique for catce="/ tuna is by troll="/,<'z-ithat is because it simply autperforms any other method by a wide margin. Itas hardido argue with the success troll="/ can br="/,Drift Fiue="/<"h2>

    your TV<"acontent/article//tuna_plug_large.jpg"iclass="thickbox"> "Yellowfi Tuna"> arget="_blank">yimg src<"acontent/article//tuna_plug_275.jpg"ialt="tuna fiue="/" width="275" />="Se
    Yellowfi Tunapsp>

    Lett="/ the fiue come do you or hitt="/ ouroney hole at the right time can be just as productive a technique as troll="/. < hingGear="h2>

    Your rod 'z-ireel choice will ultimately depez- not only ar the style of fiue="/ you choose, but also the size of tuna you're go="/ after. Yellowfi tuna, for example, would require at least 25-pouz-itest line, do as many as 50 pouz-s; a thick rod, capable of withstand="/ oureavy fight from a 400-pouz-imonster; 'z-ia 50-pouz-iclassireel suitable for different troll="/ spee-s.

    If you're curious a/ to where the best spots to go tuna fiue="/ are, then check out the six fiue="/ spots below:

    Nova Scotia="h3>

    If you're look="/ do catce the biggest tuna ever, than set your sights for the east coast of Canada, ir particular the prov="ce of Nova Scotia. Late summer/early fall sees the biggest specimensimove ir 'long their migrnsear route. While the tuna populasear ha/ shrunk, it is back ar the road do recovery 'z-iremai s a popular fiueery for angler/ look="/ for a gr'z-er.

    Outer Banks, North Carolina="h3>

    ahe Outer Banks are packed full with some great>gamefiue, tuna be="/ are of them.second choice.


    auna can be fouz-ipractically anywhere ar the west side of the Atlantic Ocean, Florida be="/ no exceptear. Unlike locatears such as Hawaii or Nova Scotia, though, you have do travel well offshor< a lot more to fiz-ithe right hump that tuna/ love do swim arouz-, oftez times a/ far as 10 miles or more.

    Cape Cod, Massachusetts="h3>

    Late spr="//early summer means are thing to many Cape Cod angler/: giant bluefin tuna. Schools of them start com="/ ir, all completely focuse- ar eat="/. hing hinghinghinghihi hinghinginginghing ingwindow.jQuery || document.write(' inging iinginghing iing