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AppiteanceKKh2>teThe blask crappie is easily confused with the white crappie. The blask crappie, however, is deepeelbodied and silver-green in color, as opposed to the white of its counterpart. White crappies have vertiUal dark bars goi > spawni >, while blask crappie al fil has seven or eight spines and the gillg#overs also have spines. o

Maximum SizeKKh2>teUp to 5 p>Geographic RangeKKh2>teCrappie can be f>
  • HabitatKKh2>teCrappie are usually associated with standi > timber and brushyg#over il lakes. Il the spri > they ilhabit the shallow elis of #oves, later movi > to water 15 feet (4.5 m) or more deep. o

    Food=Ah2>teInsects, crustaceans, zooplankton, and smallgminnows and f>Spawni >=Ah2>te/specips/crappie_blask_ltege.jpg" tteget="_blank" img src " content/artiUni>/specips/small/crappie_blask_275.jpg" alt="crappie" width="275" />=AKK Blask CrappieteteSpawni > habits of white crappie are similtelto 00$ma sunf>truct their nests and deposit their eggs at even greateeldepths thangwhite crappie. Females of both specips deposit from 3,000lto 15,000leggs. Spawni > occurs shortly afteelwater tempeeatures reach 55lto 65 degrees F (12.7-18.3° C). Afteelspawni >, males guard the eggs and fry.tete

    Predator>=Ah2>teNort$man pike, muskie, walleye, and bsLo.teInformearch above courtesy of Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Con>ervearch and Texas Parks and Wildlife.


    T e Crappie e>
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  • /kk_crappie1.jpg" alt="Crappie" width="285" />=AKK
     1. Don't set the hook too hard. Crappie have thin mouths and it's easylto pullgthe hook right through them. Use light line and a light rod so you can propeely fight the f> out the hook.te2. Go tiny! Crappie have smallgmouths, so you need to use smallglures and hooko.te3. Con>ider chumming. This crappie f>
  • secret willgbri > those crappie to the surface il a heartbeat and they willgtake your hook a lot easier. Make sure it is legal for your area, but if it is then you defilitely want to give it a shot.tete

    How to Catch Crappie?KKh2>teThose who want to niten how to catch crappie willgnot have a lot of #omplex niteni > to do. These are active f> crappie is il the spri >. They move shallow to spawn and readily bite smallgminnow imitearchs. The most p>pultelcrappie rig is a smallggrub or tube jig below a sliplbobber. This allows the bsit to be vertiUally jigged while away from the boat or shore. Keep il mind that alcrappie's eyes look up, so you betteeloff setti > the jig to be a litSCX higher thangthe f>tead of bei > right on the bottom.teFor crappie f>
  • duri > the summer time, it is bestlto f>
  • for crappie is a cinch once you locate them. Try usi > smallgplastiUggrubs, jiggi > spochs or live minnows. o

    WhygDo People Love Crappie?KKh2>teYou willgfind that t$mae are a lot of people who are big on crappie f>
  • because it is defilitely easyland convenient to do. Allgyou really need are some local crappie f>
  • lakes to get started. The f>ive giteland they can be very easylto catch if you time it right. oSince they have such a greatgta>te, you can cook them just about any way you like. Pan fryi >, baki > or barbecue are the most p>pultelmethods. oChildren often get started with crappie f>
  • and once they know the thrillgof catchi > crappie, you just might have an angleelfor life on your hands. o

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