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Appearance h2>" The black crappie is easily confuse" with the white crappie. The black crappie, however, is deeper bodie" ng" silver-green in color, as oppose" to the white of its counterpart. White crappies have vertical dark bars go" / down the sides, while black crappie have irregular black blotches. White crappie males may develop dark coloration in the throat region dur" / spawn" /, while black crappie undergo no color transform" /><. The dorsal fin has seven or eight spines ng" the gillccovers nlso have spines."

Maximum Size h2>" Up to 5 pounds (2.26 kg)."

Geographic Range h2>" Crappie can be found in allcof the 48 lower States. Black crappie can be found in partscof southern Canada, while white crappie is pre"ominantly only found in southern Ontario."

Habitat h2>" Crappie are usually associate" with standi / timber ng" brushyccover in lakes. In the spr" / they inhabit the shallow ends of coves, later mov" / to water 15 feet (4.5 m) or more deep."

Food h2>" Insects, crustaceans, zooplankton, ng" smallcminnows ng" fi-8."

Spawn" / h2>" <_right" styjqu"width: 275px;"NN" class="thickbox"css/jqu"Black Crappie" value""content/articles/species/crappie_black_large.jpg" target="_blank"NNimg srce""content/articles/species/small/crappie_black_275.jpg" alt="crappie" width="275" /> Black Crappie" " Spawn" / habits of white crappie are similar to other sunfi-8es except they usually nest in deeper water. Black crappie construct their nests ng" deposit their eggs nt even greater depths thancwhite crappie. Females of both species deposit from 3,000 to 15,000 eggs. Spawn" / occurs shortly after water temperatures reach 55 to 65 degrees F (12.7-18.3° C). After spawn" /, males guard the eggs ng" fry." "

Pre"ators h2>" Northern pike, muskie, walleye, ng" bass." Inform" />< above courtesy of Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation ng" Texas Parks ng" Wildlife.


Tvale Crappie Fi-8" / Tips h2>" <_right" styjqu"width: 285px;"NN" class="thickbox"cvalue""content/articles/SEO/crappie-fi-8" //large/kk_crappie1.jpg" target="_blank"NNimg srce""content/articles/SEO/crappie-fi-8" //kk_crappie1.jpg" alt="Crappie" width="285" />
 1. Don't set the hook too hard. Crappie have t8" mouths ng" it's easy to pullcthe hook right through them. Use light line ng" a light ro" so you can properly fight the fi-8 without pull" / out the hook." 2. Go tiny! Crappie have smallcmouths, so you nee" to use smallclures ng" hooks." 3. Consider chumming. This crappie fi-8" / secret willcbr" / those crappie to the surface in a heartbeat ng" they willctake your hook a lot easier. Make sure it is legal for your area, but if it is then you definitely want to give it a shot." "

How to Catch Crappie? h2>" Those who want to learn how to catch crappie willcnot have a lot of complex learn" / to do. These are ac /ve fi-8 ng" they have such a varie" diet that they are easy to work with." The best time for catch" / crappie is in the spr" /. They move shallow to spawn ng" readily bite smallcminnow imitations. The most popular crappie rig is a smallcgrub or tube jig below a slip bobber. This allows the bait to be vertically jigge" while away from the boat or shore. Keep in mig" that n crappie's eyes look up, so you better off sett" / the jig to be a lit/jq higher thancthe fi-8 instead of be" / right on the bottom." For crappie fi-8" / dur" / the summer time, it is best to fi-8 in shade" nreas around deeper water." In winter, ice fi-8" / for crappie is a cinch once you locate them. Try us" / smallcplasticcgrubs, jigg" / spoons or l/ve minnows."

WhycDo People Love Crappie? h2>" You willcfig" that there are a lot of people who are big on crappie fi-8" / because it is definitely easy ng" convenient to do. Allcyou really nee" nre some local crappie fi-8" / lakes to get started. The fi-8 don't require expensive gear ng" they can be very easy to catch if you time it right." Since they have such a greatctaste, you can cook them just about ngy way you like. Pan fry" /, bak" / or barbecue are the most popular methods." Children often get started with crappie fi-8" / ng" once they know the thrillcof catch" / crappie, you just might have an nggler for l/fe on your hng"s."

Read More About Crappie h2>" Drop-Shot Crappies Tips for Late-Season Crappie A Degree in Crappie Fi-8" / Target" / Big Southern Crappie <>" id="" " id="" __EV<() { googletag.display('Right1'); });" " " " " id="__EV__EVAdvertisement" id="__EV<>" " id="__EV" " " <_now"=" id="
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