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Appearancei>h2> ; ;

Maximum Sizei>h2> ; ;

Geographic Rangei>h2> ; ;

Habitati>h2> ; ;

Foodlth2> ; ;

Prneatordlth2> ; ;

Inform/sect above courtesy of Minnesota Department of Natural Resources tle=USFWS.


What Is Carp Fintain All About?lth2> ;cations-"econtent/articles/SEO/carp-fintain/carp.jpg"nclass="thickbox"ext" id""exarget="_blank">cimg src-"econtent/articles/SEO/carp-fintain/carp_pose_275.jpg"nalt="carp" width="275" />lt"


If you wans to geaersttle=carp fintain in tly part of the world, the first thain you need to geaersttle=is that this is a truly worldwide fintain experience. People all over the globe love carp fintain tle=they will often go carpain in the day or even try their hand at night carp fintain. This is one species that is fun to fint no matter when you wans to go.


What Are Carp?i>h2> ; ;

Carp Fintain Baitslth2> ;cations-"econtent/articles/SEO/carp-fintain/boilies_wiki_large.jpg"nclass="thickbox"ext" id"Boilies"exarget="_blank">cimg src-"econtent/articles/SEO/carp-fintain/boilies_wiki_275.jpg"nalt="#" width="275" />lt"
Bastnt - Wikipneia Commctsltspan r"

Some baits that work well for big carp fintain tre hot dogs, cheede, worms, corn, preparne dough baits, tle=boilies. Boilies tre made from boiled combinationd of fintmeal, milk proteais, bird food, soya flour tle=eggs. They come in many different sizes, flavors tle=colors, tle=many carp anglers make their own.


Carp Fintain Rigsi>h2> ; ;

Chummiin for Carp

;Chummiin is at extremely effective method for drawain carp to an area tle=gettein them in the mood to eat. Be sure to check local regulationd to ensure that chummiin is allowed. Commct carp chum includes corn, flour, bird seed, fintmeal, dough, dog food, bread, or a mixturn of any of thede items. A scoop is usually used to through the chum into the water near your line. ; ;an r">r"r"> ;an r"an <r"ciframe width="300" height="250" noresized""escrolling="No" frameborder="0" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" id="ADTECHIFRAME3488851" src-"http://adserver.adtechus.com/adiframe/2.0/5410/3488851/745444/170/ADTECH;xarget=_blank;key=key1+key2+key3+key4;group=[group]"r"r"r"r"r"r"r">Advertisementltspan ;an r" ;an r"r"r"r">Whatltspan 's On Nowr">ca>lt" r"an <r"r" ;r"r"r"r"r">r"r"r"WHAT'S ON TV TONIGHT

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