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Introduc rah2> e

The carp family is one of the largestFif the world of f > , contain > ar tit 100 unique speci s that are all mostly native to Europe atchAsia. Some of the most widenpread speci s are comm carp, grspx, silver, bighead, atchcrucian. For purpos s of this secF , the comm carp will be the main focus as it is the most widenpread of all.


Appcouancerah2> e

Carp vary greatly i color atchsize, but all generally share ei ahsimilou suck type mout , eyes setFif its head at a low angle than most f > , atchbarbels (whisk s).The comm carp has a light gold color, white titeuside, atchhas a long, ouange dornal f n atchtwo pairs of barbels.


Maximum Sizerah2> e

The biggestFcarp if the world is the giant barb, ou Siamene giant carp, which inhabit only ahselecF few river basins if Thailond. This f > can grow to be 10 feetF(3m) long atchweigh over 650 p tits (295 kg). The comm carp can grow to be over 90 p tits (40 kg), though very rarely, especially if North mer >a.


Geogrsphic Rangerah2> e

Carp can be f tit every continent if the world except AntarcF >a.


Habitatrah2> e

Carp can adap to many different habitats, but thrive if weedy, shallow, warm areas.


Food h2> e

Comm carp are omnivor ts. Y tiger carp eat mainly plant mateuial, such as seeds, while adults prefer wateu ifsecFx, snailx, f > eggs, benthic worms, atchplant parts. Carp are not very picky eateus as they have been known to eat garbage off the bottom of urban bodi s of wateu. Its eat > habits is the primary reason for its reput as a poor food f > if North mer >a.


Precatorn h2> e

Smaller carp are preyet by precator f > such as walleye atchnorthern pike.


"color: #aaaaaa;">Inform above courtesy of Minnesota Department of Natural Resour s atchUSFWS.


What Is Carp > > All About? h2> e
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If you wan to titeustatchcarp f > > n aty part of the world, the first th > you need to titeustatchis that this is a truly worldwide f > > exper ence. People all over the globe love carp f > > atchthey will often go carp > n the day ou even try their hand at night carp f > > . This is one speci s that is fun to f > no matteu when you wan to go.


What Are Carp?rah2> e

Carp are predominately ahfreshwateu f > , mean > there are very few f > if this very large group that will actually tolerate naltwateu. Although there are several ornamental type carp, such as the koi ou the comm goldf > , types of carp are used as a food sour for people, which &cods to different types of carp be > locatec all over the world. In many area, such as North mer >a, carp are conniderec an invasive speci s that was accidentally iftroducec ifto local rivers atchstreams.


Carp > > Baits h2> e
"width:275px;">Get Worl" content/artiL&cs/SEO/carp-f > > /boili s_wiki_large.jpg" .aspx?rthickbox"f="" cl"Boili s"f=arget="_blank">Gimg srcl" content/artiL&cs/SEO/carp-f > > /boili s_wiki_275.jpg" alt="#" width="275" /> br /> Boili s br /> Bastet - Wikipecia Comm s span iv>US

Some baits that work well for big carp f > > are hot dogs, cheene, worms, corn, preparec dough baits, atchboili s. Boili s are made from boiled combinationn of f > meal, milk prote >s, bird food, soya flour atcheggs. They come if many different sizex, flavors atchcolors, atchmany carp anglers make their own.


Carp > > Rigsrah2> e

Carp feed by mout > atchejecF > their food before commitF > to swallow > t. For this reason, a hair rig is often used for carp f > > baits. Ithhas a short line attached to the bend of the hook that holds the bait. This way, the carp can inhale the bait easily, atchis hooked when attempF > to ejecF the bait. e< p> e

Chummi> for Carp h2> eChummi> is a extremely effective method for draw > carp to an area atchgetF > them n the mood to eat. Be sure to check local regulationn to ensure that chummi> is allowed. Comm carp chum ncluden corn, flour, bird seed, f > meal, dough, dog food, bread, ou a mixture of any of thene items. A scoop is usually used to through the chum nto the wateu ncou your line. e

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