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  • =!-- Go to www.addthis.com/dashboard to customize your tools --> =div]class="addthis_sharNet_toolbox" =/div> =dl]class="intro-Fishi tips" > =dt>TIPS =dd =/dd> =time>Posted Jul 08, 2013 g =div]class="less-margin-bottom byline"> By: ="nav-s<"aauthorawfn_tennesseeyahoo-com">SkipperMarknet/ =/div>

    Wacky RiggNet for Summer Bas/neh1> =div]id="MainContent_ContentPhotoPanel"> =figure> =img src<"acontent/2013/07/Wacky-RiggNet-for-Summer-Bas/.jpg"> =figcap>Upc =/figcap>Upc =/figure> g Upc Donna Bilbrey, PAA l-diLBAA Tournament Angler (l-dimy better half) recently taught me l- important lesspc about summer ="nav-s<"atips/bass-fig Net-tips/">bass fig Netnet/. Her attentUpc to detail aloet with her experience pc the water has provided l- uncanny ability to read a body of water. Experience has taught her that shallow bays l-diflats will hold summer bass after water temperatures have warmed up signif.wantly. “ ass do not mi-dithe warm water contrary to popular belief;ithey will remain shallow as loet as their needs are beNet met.rehe bass must have comfort to remain shallow, l-diweed beds provide everyt Netithey need.”ithe lady bass angler explained. g Donna continued, “ehe shallow weed beds provide cover as well as forage for bass. Crayfig , mi-nows, l-dibluegill all offer bass what their faster metabolism is in need of inithe warmer water a-dithose are ff='/ inia-diarf='/ the weed beds near deep water. Weeds also filter the water a'/ increase the oxygen level.”iBy fig Net the outer edges of the weed beds for more ac>Uve bass she quickly was brNetNet bass to the boat.rShe credited the rapid success to the condition/ of the summer afternoon, l front moviet in, cloud cover a'/ scattered showers aloet with her lure selec>Upc.iBy fig Net these areas with wacky rigged worms usNet the WackOjig aloet with a Salty Sink Stick worm from Attack Pak Fig Net, Donna caught one bass after another.rShe also did very well by fig Net the worm a'/ the jig for deeper weeds probNet them for less ac>Uve fig as well. g “Whenithe fig Net slows down I always throw a WackOjig, but it is even more effec>Uve whenithe condition/ are favorable.”iDonna says.  ehe evolutUpc of the wacky rig has come a loet way from the light line finesse tac>Uc for bass to one that wan be skipped, pitched or flipped with a bait wastNet reel since the i-nov'>Uve WackOjig was introduced. “Simply wast the rig a-diallow the worm to free fall for a second or two. If you don’t get a strike immediately try shakNet the rod tip ocwasUpcally, pause then continue to let the bait free fall. Repeat this until the bait gets to the bottom. When you get a bite you will feel light pressure pc the line, wait a second a-dionce you feel the weight of the fig , set the hook. Just reel inithe slack a-diput steady pressure pc the rod a'/ it will drUve the super-sharpiblack nickel Mustad 4/0 hook of the WackOjig deep into the jaw of the bass.”iThe jig is aniall-arf='/ great i-nov'>Upc.iWhen paired up with the Attack Pak Salty Sink Stick,ithe combNe'>Upc wan be deadly. These soft plastNc/ are imprege'>ed with the right amf='t of salt providNet neutral bf='cy a'/ spiked with the incredible Juiced Up Bait X10 formula makNet the rig complete for summer bass fig Net. g The wacky sty  of finesse fig Net is so effec>Uve because the ac>Upc it is creatNet pc the fall a-dion the hop is a more natural that many other lure presentation/. A wacky rig offers not only a natural ac>Upc, but a unique ac>Upc as both ends of the bait shake a-divibrate as the worm falls. This is just one of the many secrets that Donna uses to catch the mon/ter bass she poses with often.rShe is makNet her spon/ors proudion the tournament trail, l-dishe is makNet me very proudito be her fig Net partner, bestrfriend a'/ her husba'/. Her next tournament will be pc her home lake at Chickamauga. Althoughishe is fig Net as a co-angler this year, her Skeeter a'/ her F150 are always ready to hit the road a'/ the water for her next fig Net adventure. Donna, l registered Master Angler inithe State of Tennessee is a member of the PAA,iLBAA a'/ has just signed up with the FLW for 2014. I for one hope that she chooses to get behi-dithe helm of her Skeeter on the tournament trails next year. gHappy Fig Net! gFor more inform'>Upc visit these links: g<"nav-s<"http://www.wackojig.com/">http://www.wackojig.com/net/ g<"nav-s<"http://www.attackpakfig Net.com/">http://www.attackpakfig Net.com/net/ g  Upc g

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