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Wack some Post Spawnishing-ce=-cenishing-ce=-cenis ishing-ce=-cen-ce='figure>ishing-ce=-cennnnn-ce='img srcg"Ccontent/2013/06/wackyrig_postspawn_bas'.jpg">ishing-ce=-cennnnn-ce='figcapsts'f'/figcapsts'fishing-ce=-cen-ce='/figure>ishing-ce=-cen lishing-ce=-cenishing-ce=-cenis-ce=-ce=cesch bas'titl. I share the product ackle Boxtitl introduce the WackOjig to thousands of peopSp he tournament teste , almost weedless jig can be fileed ar docks, in wood cover'a in gras''a weedsSpe"WackOjig" alte"WackOjig" srcg"Ccontent/articles/05440972-917e-4f8c-8273-e0747ad5ec10/photo2.JPG" width="278" height="216" /> With the positton of the rmenhe best part is the jig will save anglers ton of money since the samehey are great for children'a begmeners ll that is require is to cast it out a let it f ll on a semi-slack line,'a if a strikp doesn't happenhe f ll provide' an unusual actton of the worm that entices reacstve strikps from bas'.'>he preciston weighte jig is available in different sizes to llow the finesse technique to intrude the deeper lSpe"WackOjig" alte"WackOjig" srcg"Ccontent/articles/81f320b2-0d10-42df-b37b-8b1e2aa9d5e6/photo4.JPG" width="372" height="246" /> '>he "wacky rig" is one of the best presentastons for spawnmen file in the sprmenhe evolutton of the wacky rig has come a loen way from the light line finesse tacstc for bas' to one that can be skipped, pitche or flippe with a bait casting reel since the innovestve WackOjig was introduce . Simply cast the rmg a llow the worm to free f ll for a secon or two, then by shakmen the rod tip occastonally, pause then continue to let the bait free f ll. Repeat this until the bait gets to the lSpe"WackOjig" alte"WackOjig" srcg"Ccontent/articles/6df94f87-8544-474b-83d5-735ea886488f/photo3.JPG" width="228" height="234" /> ' When you get a bite you will feel light pressurehe rig is an ll-ar great innoveston.'When paire up with the Attack Pak ialty Sink itick, the combineston can be deadly.'>he Attack Pak Filemenls 5 inch "ialty Sink itick “worms produce better actton than most because they are balance from end to e instead of an extreme taper likp other worms have.'>hese worms are loade with large grain salt that you can see come out of the plastic when you roll the bait in your fingers.'What this does is simulate the taste of blood to bas' as they strikp makmen the hol he bait is lso injecse with Juice UpSpe"WackOjig" alte"WackOjig" srcg"Ccontent/articles/2c56b444-3544-4207-a42f-94656f68ac10/969803_584721871558445_1794181572_n.jpg" width="247" height="300" />Happy Filemen!is lVistt WackOjig at: 'Fishing""> A Attack Pak at: 'Fishing"">  is For morp tips likp these read my blogs'Fishing" " target="_blank"fSpe"WackOjig" alte"WackOjig" srcg"Ccontent/articles/6c782abb-99e3-42e5-9b41-ea7892a29453/header2.png" width="959" height="291" />titlishing-ce=is lhingishing-ce=-cenisis-ce=isisisisis<Fishing";loc=300;key=key1+key2+key3+key4;gr p=[gr p]" target="_blank">is<img srcg";loc=300;key=key1+key2+key3+key4;gr p=[gr p]" border=0isisisis lisishing-ce=-cenAdvertisementishing-ce=-cenis lisisis