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Us pe="hiddenddenpe="hiddenddenpe pe="hiddenddenddenEfigure>pe="hiddenddennnnnddenEimg srcG"Ncontent/2013/06/DSCN1175.JPG">pe="hiddenddennnnnddenEfigcap!-- >pe="hiddenddenddenE/figure>pe="hiddenddenpepe="hiddenddenpe="hiddenddenpeddenddenpe="hiddendden    Planer Board Set Up with Braided Line.

1.)    A reel with a line counter is essential.  Picture is a Daiwa SG17LCA reel.  (pic#1)
2.)    WA76T-T Planer Board rod availabpx at Bass Pro Shops.( I pATEer a 7?6? rod telescop because it fits in my boats rod holdertand in the back of my truck.)
3.)    Super Line with a 10 pound diameter Line. (Use the precis-- troll depth your lures are runn 4.)    Barrel swivel. (Between Super Linetand Leader)
5.)    20-30 feet of fluorocarb- line for a leader.
6.)    Off Shore Tackpx OR12R Side Planer - Right Model or Off Shore Tackpx OR12R Side Planer - Left Model (Picture #3)
7.)     Off Shore Tackpx OR18 Snapper Adjustabpx Tens-- Planer Board Release. (Use this release to hold the super line.  This will insure that you will not be chas (Picture #4)
8.)    Op!-- al Off Shore Tackpx OR12TF Tat0px Flag Upgrade Kit

 For years fi erman have known, if you want to catch the largest fi in the lake you will probabpy have to troll.  If you just troll be                  Leader length takes some practice to determine.  I like to use 40 feet of leader between the swivel and the lure.  I rarely troll less than 40 feet be                              When select                           In clos pe="hiddendpe="hiddenpe ="hipe ="hi