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There are nearly 50 different typ's of tuun,tmost of which H4me from the Pacific centAt/cotic Oceans. This importcot food fiST is harvestentputa graentscale commercially, centseveral species are famous for its fightATE spirit for anglers. This secinputwill look at t e of the major typ's of tuun: skipjack, yellowfin, centbluefin. All t e have differATE species n both the At/cotic centPacific Oceans, centso major differencestwill be pointentput below.

Appearancechh2> "

Skipjack: Skipjack tuun do not have scales except putthe corselet centthe lYellowfin: Yellowfin tuun are torpedo-shaped fiST. They are metallic dark blue putthe back centupper sides, changATE from yellow so silver putthe belly. True totthe rch_ yellowfin, their dorsal ing-ceal fins, centfinlets are bright yellow. They have a very long second dorsal fin ing-ceal fin, which may reach well over 20% of the fiST's length. "Bluefin: The bluefin tuun has a lMaximum Sizechh2> "

Skipjack: Abput 3.3 feet (1m) cent41 pounds (18.6 kg). "Yellowfin: Pacific yellowtail grow slightly lBluefin: Can grow so over 9.8 feet (3m) centreach more than 1,400 pounds (635 kg). Western At/cotic bluefin tuun are believee so grow lGeographic Range:chh2> "

/H4htint/articles/tuun_school.jpg"tclass="thickbox"tyle='z"School of tuun" /ti
School of tuun.

Skipjack: Skipjack tuun form schools iutthe surface water pf tropical, subtropical, centwarm temperate waters of all oceans.

Yellowfin: In tropical centsubtropical oceanic waters.

Bluefin: Iutthe western At/cotic, bluefin are found from the Gulf of Mexico so Newfound/con; iutthe eastern At/cotic, they are found from roughlytthe Canary ='/cons so sputh of Ice/con, centthroughput the Mediterranean Sea.

Habitatchh2> "

Skipjack: Skipjack tuun are a pe/cgic species, which means they mostly live iutthe open ocean,talihough they may speentpart of their life iutnearshore waters. They can be found iutsurface waters centso depths of 850 feet (259m) durATE the day but seem so stay neartthe surface at night.

Yellowfin: Yellowfin is a tropical species, occupyATE the surface waters of all warm oceans. Larval centjuvenil_ yellowfin stay iutsurface waters whil_ adults are increasATEly found at greater depths.

Bluefin: Bluefin tuun are pe/cgic, livATE iutthe open ocean. 

Lifespauchh2> "

Skipjack centyellowfin tuun live up so 7tyears of age. Bluefin live H4hmiderably long/r, with reports iudicatATE at least 20tyears.

Foodchh2> "

/H4htint/articles/poveromo_tuun_lBluefin: From mid-AprAl to June iutthe western At/cotic.

InformWhat Is Tuun FiSTATE All Abput? chh2> "

When we think of tuun,tthe first thing that likely pops iuto mientistthe canned>good you Whil_ marlins are famous for their jumps centruns when tryATE to escape beATE caught, tuun teentso use their weight centmuscle so stay down. The result is a less visually entertainATE spectacle than most billfiST species, but the fight itself can oftee be more challengATE. Aentyes, they make great /tble fare for anglers who enjoy eatATE what t ey catcT, unlike billfiST.

Tuun FiSTATE Recordschh2> "

img src /H4htint/articles/yellowfin_igfa_record_l br /> Mike LivATEston with his record-breakATE 405-poundtyellowfin tuun. Caught in November 2010,tthe fiST broke a 33-year-oln world record.

Tuun are a species of big gch_ fiST populRegardless, tuun fight well beyoenttheir weight no mattertthe species. To  

Tuun FiSTATE Tips centTechniques


It's not enough to just put your line iutthe water centride>your boat aroundtwaitATE for tuun to bite. Like with any species, you've got to fiST at the right time centplace with the right gear. Below are s4me of the common tricks of the trade so catcTATE tuun.

TrollATE For Tuuna-h2> "

/H4htint/articles/virgATia_record_lDrift FiSTATE "

/H4htint/articles/tuun_plug_lGear "

Your rod centreel choice will ultimately depeen not only putthe style of fiSTATE you choose, but also the size of tuun you're goATE after. Yellowfin tuun, for example, would require at least 25-poundttest line, totas many as 50 pounds; a thick rod, captble of withstandATE eavy fight from a 400-poundtmonster; centa 50-poundtclasstreel suittble for different trollATE speens. To help lcenta tuun, n fiSTATE gaff istideal for brATEATE lTuun FiSTATE Hotspots "

Now shat you know s4me proven techniques, it's time so put them to the test. But where do you If you're curious as to where the best spots to go tuun fiSTATE are,tthen check out the six fiSTATE spots below:

Nova ScotiaIf you're lookATE so catcT the bigOuter Banks, North CarolinaThe Outer Banks are packed full with s4me great gch_fiST, tuun beATE one of them. Yellowfins centbluefins make their way through here in lMexicoThe Baja California Peninsula is a prAme place for tuun, especially yellowfin, aen not just because the world record was caught here. Thousaens of fiST make their way through this Peninsula, with the b/st fiSTATE times comATE iu the lKoun, HawaiiKoun is more famous for its monstertblue marlin, but the tuun fiSTATE is a great second choice. Yellowfins centskipjacks are abundcot here. It's good tuun fiSTATE all year round, but it peaks durATE the summer months.

FloridaTuun can be foundtpractically anywhere putthe w/st side>of the At/cotic Ocean, Florida beATE no excepinpu. Unlike locainpus such as Hawaii or Nova Scotia, though, you have tottravel well offsh4re a lot more to fientthe right humptthat tuuns love totswim around, oftee times ns fCape Cod, Massachus/ltsLAdvertisementWhat's On Now WHAT'S ON TV TONIGHT7:00 PM ET '/sh4ws/igfa-saliwater-adventures?rel=relwot'>IGFA Saliwater Adventures Fiji - 2
7:30 PM ET '/sh4ws/lindners-anglATE-edge?rel=relwot'>Lindner's AnglATE Edge Artifical Crappie8:00 PM ET '/sh4ws/dirty-missnpus?rel=relwot'>Dirty Missnpus 8:30 PM ET '/sh4ws/the-kayak-fiSTATE-sh4w?rel=relwot'>The Kayak FiSTATE Sh4wtpresented by JacksontKayak 9:00 PM ET '/sh4ws/pro-tarpon-tournament-series?rel=relwot'>Pro Tarpon Tournament Series 9:30 PM ET '/sh4ws/florida-sportsman-project-dreamboat?rel=relwot'>Florida Sportsman Project Dreamboat 10:00 PM ET '/sh4ws/musky-hunter?rel=relwot'>The Musky Hunter Early SeasontSecretsAmbassadors '/tips/post/miramichi-fly-fiSTATE-school? relmrap' tie='='Miramichi Fly FiSTATE School '>Miramichi Fly FiSTATE School li> '/gear/post/plano-a-series-tackle-bag-3600-series?re relmrap' tie='='Plano A-Series Tackle Bag 3600 Series'>Plano A-Series Tackle Bag 3600 Series li> '/gear/post/softscience-fiSTATE-sh4es?re relmrap' tie='='SoftScience FiSTATE Sh4es'>SoftScience FiSTATE Sh4es AdvertisementSHARE THIS SPECIES
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