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" name="__VIEW" nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn" VIEWSTAT=oheader>" " nnnnnnnnnThere are nearly 50 different types of tuna, most of which come from therPacific At tic Oceans. This import t food fi/l is harveste < spiFis for glers. This secop< species in both therAt tic Pacific Oceans, sormajor differences will be pointe "


Skipjack: Skipjack tuna do not have scales exceporYellowfin: Yellowfin tuna are torpedo-shaped fi/l. They are metallic dark bluer< from yellow o silverrBluefin: Therbluefin tuna has arlar=", torpedo-shaped body th t is nearly circular in cross-secop"

Maximum Size=oh2>"

Skipjack: AbYellowfin: Pacific yellowtail grow sligh_ly lar="r, weighi>< as much as 440 po s (200 kg).rAt tic yellowtail only weigh up o 400 po s (181.4 kg)." Bluefin: Can grow o overr9.8 feet (3m) and reach more th n 1,400 po s (635 kg).rWesternrAt tic bluefin tuna are believed o grow lar="r th n bluefin tuna i/ythereasternrAt tic.


Geogr phic Range:=oh2>"

World of SaltwaterrFi/li>< holdsrup a tuna.


Skipjack: Skipjack tuna are opportunistic foragers. They feed "

Yellowfin: Yellowfin tuna are opportunistic feeders, preyi>< Sar=assum, floa_i>< lgae. Offytherwestrcoast of Baja California, Mexico, southernrCalifornia, pe gic red crab northernranchovy are import t parts of therdiet.


Bluefin: Bluefin tuna are voracious carnivores th t feed "

Spawni>< Seas"

Skipjack: Through< to early fall, i/ysubtropical areas.


Yellowfin: From May to August i/ytherGulf of Mexico a from January to April i/ythereasternrAt tic Ocean. For Pacific yellowfins, peak spawni><'s duri>< spri>< a fall.


Bluefin: From mid-April to Juneri/ytherwesternrAt tic.



Wh t Is TunarFi/li>< All Ab"

When we think of tuna, therfirst thing th t likely pops i/to mi isythercanned good you ="_ from your local grocery store. With tuna arguably bei>< thermost import t commercial fi/li>< i/dustryri/ytherworld, it's ersta ablerwhy many may overlook how much fu/ythese fi/l c n be for recreati< for deep sea fi/l th t'll put up a heck of a figh_ th t could last h< "

While marlins are famous for their jumps runs when tryi>< to escape bei>< caught, tuna te o use their weight muscle o stay down. The result is arless visually entertaini>< spectacle th n most billfi/l species, but therfigh_ itself c n ofte be more challengi><. A yes, they make great tablerfare for glers who enjoy ea_i>< wh t they c tcl,runlike billfi/l.


TunarFi/li>< Records=oh2>"

Wbry/> Mike Livi>< 405-po yellowfin tuna. Caugh_ in Novemberr2010, therfi/l broke a 33-year-old world record. IGFA


Tuna are a species of big game fi/l popular amo>< a glers who enjoy goi>< afterr'gr ers" - fi/l t leastr1000 po s. Though there are numerous subspecies of tuna th t can grow overr300 po s, only therAt tic bluefin have bee recorded o reach th t hallowed 1000-po mark.


Regardless, tuna figh_ well beyo their weight normatter theyspecies. To ="_ an idea just h"  


TunarFi/li>< Tips Techniques=oh2>"

It's not enough to just put your lineri/ytherwaterr ride your boa_ aro waiti>< for tuna to bite. Like with any species, you'vergot to fi/l t therrigh_ timer place with therrigh_ gear. Below are some of thercommon tricks of thertrade o c tcli>< tuna.


Trolli>< For Tuna


ia_record_lar=".jpg"yclass="thickbox"yle='z-"This 573-po bluefin tuna, caughtri/yJuner2007, is arVirgi>ia State Record." tar="_="_b k"><" width-"275"y/>W8Gx This 573-po bluefin tuna, caughtri/yJuner2007, is arVirgi>ia State Record. Virgi>ia Marine Resources Commissi"

Thermost common technique for c tcli>< tuna is byytrolli><, th t is because it simply < c n bri><, but you c n waste arlot of timerwith it if you're doi>< it wrong. You could have therbest looki>< pres nthop< a_ a depoh 100 feet too deep, or i/ywaters with no fi/l lto="_her. Here are a few things o rememberrtoytrollrsuccessfully:

" < for tuna. Start off a_ slower spee s moverup if fi/l ren't biti><.< bait, No. 9 or 10 hook should suffice, thoughrconsider lar="r for gi t bluefins.< a school,rtoytrollrrigh_ overrthermiddle of them. The problem with tha_ scenario isyth t tuna have bee known o cool off their feedi>< frenzy with such activity. For betterrresults, trollralongytherouterredges of a school so as not to disturb them. There's arsecondary benefit to this strategy: therbig="r tuna te o stick DriftrFi/li><


<. The risks are greater, h< you have a chance o stumblerup<. To ensure you're not sitti>< there twiddli>< yourrthumbs hopi>< for strike, here are a couple tips you should follow o yield betterrdriftrfi/li>" <: Alsorcalled chunki><, this method helps bri>< therfi/l o you. Throwrout some cutrbait o help ttract tuna to yourrarea. Be wary of sharks other species of fi/l,rh< a glers to keep n eyerout for birds < for baitfi/l when out Gear=oh2>"

Your rodr reel choice will ultimately depe not only < after. Yellowfin tuna, for example, would require t leastr25-po test line,rtoyas many as 50 po s;ra thick rod, c pablerof withsta i>< e='eavy figh_ from a 400-po monster; ar50-po class reel suitablerfor different trolli>< spee s. To help l artuna, a fi/li>< gaff isyideal for bri>< lar="r sized fi/l i/to therboa_ th t you inte o keep. Be sure o consult your local gear shop for therbestradvice for fi/li>< i/ yourrarea, as wh t works "

TunarFi/li>< Hotspots=oh2>"

Now h t you know some proven techniques, it's timer o put them to thertest. But where do you =o? In North America, there are tuna alongymuch of thercoastlineri/yboth therAt tic Pacific Ocean. You should do your bestr o readrup on tuna fi/li>< reports for yourrarea o see when the fi/l re movi>< i/ wh t lures people have bee havi>< success with. Many ofythese reports c n be fo online.


If you're curious as to where therbestrspots to go tuna fi/li>< re, then check out thersix fi/li>< spots below:


Nova Scotia=oh3>"

If you're looki>< o c tcl therbig="st tuna ever, th n s"_ your sigh_s for thereastrcoast ofyCanada, i/yparticular the provi>cerof Nova Scotia. Late summer/early fall sees therbig="st specimens moveri/ longytheir migrhop< for gr er.


OuterrBanks, North C rolina=oh3>"

The OuterrBanks re packed full with some great gamefi/l,rtuna bei>< "



The Baja California Peninsula is arprime place for tuna, especially yellowfin, a not just because therworld record was caughtrhere. Thousa s of fi/l make their way throughrthis Peninsula, with therbestrfi/li>< times comi>< i/ therlate fall. Bigeye skipjacks re alsorpopular tar="_s i/ Mexico.


Kona, Hawaii


Kona is more famous for its monster blue marlin, but thertuna fi/li>< is argreat second choice. Yellowfins skipjacks re ab t here. It's good tuna fi/li>< ll year ro , but it peaks duri>< thersummer months.



Tuna c n be fo practically anywhere < no excepop"

Cape Cod, Massachus"_ts=oh3>"

Late spri>< i/, ll completely focuse <. There's yellowfin too, but c tcli>< a bluefin gr er is wh t Cape Cod tuna fi/li>< is allrabout.

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