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    There are nearly 50 different types of tuna, most of which xame from thetic Oceans. This importi>t food fint is harveste< scale commercially, i>glers. This secmain will looklit three of thetic i>ef

    Appearance h2>ef

    Skipjack: Skipjack tuna do not have scales excep>Yellowfin: Yellowfin tuna are torpedo-shaped fint. They are metallic dark blueBluefin: Theef

    Maximum Size h2>ef

    Skipjack: Abiut 3.3 feet (1m) i>Yellowfin: Pacific yellowtail grow slighply labcir, weighNod as much as 440 po>tic yellowtail only weigh up eo 400 po>Bluefin: Can grow eo over<9.8 feet (3m) i>tic bluefin tuna are believea eo grow labcir thin bluefin tuna in thetic.


    Geogriphic Range: h2>ef

    input na/xaqtunt/articles/tuna_school.jpg" class="thickbox"r' titl"School of tuna" Ambcip="_bli>k"> School of tuna.


    Skipjack: Skipjack tuna form schools in theef

    Yellowfin: In tropical i>ef

    Bluefin: In thetic, bluefin are fo>

  • d; in thetic, they are fo>ds eo siuth of Iceli>d, i>ef

    Habitat h2>ef

    Skipjack: Skipjack tuna are a peligic species, which means they mostly livehs of 850 feet (259m) durNod theef

    Yellowfin: Yellowfin is ahs.

    efBluefin: Bluefin tuna are peligic, livNod in the 


    Lifespan h2>ef

    Skipjack i>ef

    Food h2>ef

    input na/xaqtunt/articles/poveromo_tuna_labci.jpg" class="thickbox"r' titl"Geobci Poveromo of World of Salpwater holds Geobci Poveromo of input na/shows/geobci-poveromos-salpwater-fintNod">World of Salpwater holdsef

    Skipjack: Skipjack tuna are opportunistic foragers. They feea in fintes, crustaceans, cephalopods, i>ef

    Yellowfin: Yellowfin tuna are opportunistic feeaers, preyNod in a wide variety fintes i>Smbcassum, i floapNod ilgae. Off thet parts of theef

    Bluefin: Bluefin tuna are voracious carnivores thit feea in fint,ef

    SpawnNod Seasin h2>ef

    Skipjack: Throughiut theef

    Yellowfin: From May to August in thetic Ocean. For Pacific yellowfins, peak spawnNod's durNod sprNod aef

    Bluefin: From mid-AprNl to Junetic.


    Inform$main aboveef

    Whit Is Tunaef

    When we think of tuna, thet commercial fintNod industryglers. If you're lookNod for i deepasea fint thit'll put up a heck of a fighp thit xauld last hiurs depe>ef

    Whily marlins are famous for their jumps i> be more challengNod. A>glers who enjoy eapNod whit they citct,ef


    img srcna/xaqtunt/articles/yellowfin_igfa_record_labci.jpg" alp="world record fint" width="250" /> br /> Mike LivNodston with his record-breakNod 405-po> IGFA


    Tuna are a species of big g ty fint populab amood atic bluefin have bee> recordea eo reach thit hallowea 1000-po>ef

    Regardless, tuna fighp well beyo>ef< ef='/re< hrAtli>tic Bluefin, 1496 lb, Auldstic Bigeye, 392 lb 6 oz,ef

    TrollNod For Tuna


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    Theh 100 feet too deep, or in waters with no fint iltocipher. Here are a few things eo rememberef< ef='/re< hrNot too fast, not too slow: 5-10 MPHais thet bluefins.Driftef

    input na/xaqtunt/articles/tuna_plug_labci.jpg" class="thickbox"r' titl"Yellowfin Tuna" Ambcip="_bli>k"> Yellowfin Tuna p>ef

    LettNod theef< ef='/re< hrChummNod: Alsot to investigate. atee thit there'll be citctmbleGear h2>ef

    Your rod< not only in the