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    The Fiing S Lure Colleccli

    ateEnt(s);mentateEnt(s);mentateEnt(s);mentateEnt(s);mentateEnt(s); /headereateEnt(s);mat(s);ment(s);atLike many anglers I have become fascinatel in id; " gear/lures">fiing S luresSTAT especially the nostalgic lures I remember"from my uncles plafathers tackle boxes that I was forbidden to touch as a child. I have picked up a few old lures at flea markets plagarage sales, but I never"gave much thought about becomg S a =erious colleccli until recently when I met Mike Dolinich aplaLori Turner, who are =erious collecclis of vintage aplanovelty lures.atatMike aplaLori shared with me some informref=' aplatips about colleccg S.>Shey were more than happy for me to share this informref=' with other anglers that have an interest in colleccg S vintage fiing S lures.>She two shared the tng Ss that a =erious antique colleccli should know about lures with me, aplainvitel me to photograph their colleccg=' as well. Durg S our visit it was impressed up=' me t; e tng Ss of importance for new collecclis, the company names, who to buy"from aplasell to aplato have an nseerstandg S of the value of the lures you collecc in terms of buyg S aplasellg S.>Mike was not only kiplaaplaprefent enough to share these tips with me, but he gave me a couple of colleccli?s guide= to assist me in helpg S new collecclis get a =tart in the patIn the early days of manufacturel lures few companies were available across the nref='. Getcg S to know the widely recognized names is a good =tartg S place to begin aplathen learng S as much as you can about them. One of the most recognizable names is id; ""/carget="_blank"eHeddonSTAT. At an antique lure dealer, or a conventf=', Heddon is known by all. As one of the first big companies, it is good to learn about Heddon lures.>Picturel below is Mike's impressive colleccg=' of Heddon lures.> atAnother name to know is id; "http://www.shakespeare-fiing"/carget="_blank"eShakespeareSTAT. Shey developelaunique innovref='s in their lures aplatheir importance in the early days was instrumental to the populargty of artificial baits.>Other companies like Bomber"aplaC ek-Chub also made lures that are now sought after by collecclis. It is these two lures that caught the world record id; " tips/species-fiseer/post/smallmouth-bas=">smallmouthSTAT apla id; " tips/species-fiseer/post/largemouth-bas=">largemouth bas=STAT that helped to boost the iseustry in the golden age of bas= fiing S. >She best way to begin colleccg S is to learn the more propf='ate names in the iseustry aplawhat ?plugs? they patTo fise opportunities aplato protecc you from beg S rippee off, it is a good ideaato network with other collecclis. By makg S frfends with collecclis you have a support group that you can go to for advice when you fiplaa lure that you are not certain about before you buy"it. Shere are nref='al organizaef='s like the id; ""/carget="_blank"eNref='al Fiing S Lure Collecclis Club or NFLCCSTAT that is made up of dealers aplacollecclis locatel all over, aplatheir members are glalato help aplaanswer quesef='s about lures aplacolleccg S.>If you can locateaa local tackle colleccli you can ask advice as well as help them to fiplalures they are =eekg S as well.atatJust becauseaa lure is old does not mean it is worth a lot of money. Newer lures can be worth a lot as well. Novelty lures, just like vintage ones can be worth several dollais. An importantaprrt of colleccg S is to be able to determine the value of a lure.atatMany tng Ss can help determine value in a fiing S lure aplademaplais the one that will driver"a price up. A big demaplafor aaprrticular lure that was made in limitel quantities by a small, aplaseveral collecclis wantathe lure a higher"price is the result. Learn the hot limitel supply lures; even if you can afford one, you never"know what will turn up at a garage sale. Knowg S the current market"prices of common lures will help protecc you from payg S too much. It will also help you recognize when sometng S is priced too low.atatThe knowledge of the importance of the braplanames, prices aplaa support network is a valuable prrt of colleccg S. Chances are there are lure collecclis near you wherever"you are. And the nextatime you are at an auccg=' or garage sale aplaseeaa lure you'll know if you are lookg S at a treasure or a common lure. For many anglers all lures are treasures. Antique lures as well as novelty lures can open a new door aplaa hobby to ap angler. Special thanks to Mike Dolinich aplaLori Turnerafor their pHappy Fiing S!at pateEnt(s); /seccf='>at(s);ment(at(s);mentat peEleat peEle