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Shore Fishing, How, Where, When Tips & Tricks

Posted by on Apr 7, 2011   12:00 AM  | Fishing Tips & Techniques

When some hear the words “Shore Fishing” it brings back memories of when they were growing up and lazing in the afternoon sun with a friend, but to many it is the only fishing they get to do 90% of the time.
I hope to share some of what works for me when shore fishing to make it more productive and enjoyable.

Location. One of the most critical decisions a person makes is location. When available I choose a shore location that is on a point that juts out or a bend in the stream/river.  The reason I choose this is it gives me generally a variety of water situations. Here is a picture that I will use.
 In this picture I am sure you recognize that we get areas of fast moving water as well as that there will be pools in the lea that will be “Staging Areas” Most people only think of staging areas when trout or salmon fishing around spawn times. But you can use these tactics all of the time you are fishing.  In these resting pools the water is often a bit deeper and fish will sit there, We also have rocks that we can see, in the lee of these rocks you will often find nice size fish waiting behind the rock and a sight cast will net results.  the above picture also has a nice shot on the shore of some trees overhanging the bank. For me that is a goldmine of fishing. Bass will be found under there in the shade waiting for lunch to swim by. I also would point out that wherever you have trees overhanging the shoreline that it is a opportunity to look for tree’s and branch’s that have fallen into the water and are fantastic structure to fish.  I can’t stress it enough structure structure structure. It works. And the best structure is not always above water, many times it is only below water since that is where the fish live. It might be a log, a rock, a pool in the water that drops down being 5 feet deeper than the surrounding bottom. All change the nature of the area that fish are attracted to the spot.

If you can arrange to be at your spot early morning you will most likely have better results than being there at 10am.  Fish like you prefer to have there breakfast early morning, although you will have limited results all day long. Many of the fish will head to deeper water after feeding in the morning but the good news is they will return towards evening for another feeding. At these times if you can match your presentation bait to a natural food source results will be improved.

In a stream similar to this one top water or very shallow baits work best, although plastics would be very effective. And never be afraid to experiment. I have seen gummy bears out fish professional baits (And I still don’t forgive her LOL)  Please remember when you are shore fishing to be a responsible angler and leave the area as clean or cleaner than you found it, remove all of your garbage and dont leave things in the water.

Fishing IS a family affair, take your spouse, take your kids, heck take
the neighbors’ kids out fishing. Share the knowledge and share the love
of outdoors.  You will be amazed at the glow on their faces.