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Propeller Baits for Big Fall Bass

Posted by on Sep 13, 2012   12:00 AM  | Fishing Tips & Techniques
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Autumn is a favorite time of year to many bass anglers. The bass are migrating back in the shallows due to dropping water temperatures as they follow forage and prepare for the winter ahead.  Shallow bass means that it is an excellent time a favorite presentation for many anglers, top water lures. Top water lures excel in the fall and have caught some trophy fish, but which top water lures produce the best in the changing conditions of fall?

It was a good friend who happened to be a taxidermist that shared the secret to catching fall trophy bass with me. It wasn’’t long after I became serious about bass fishing and wanted to know everything I could about the sport, so I sought the advice of my friend and he said to me, “This fall get yourself a plug with little propellers on it, cast it out on a warm afternoon after a cold front has passed, and you will be bringing a begin’ back to me for your wall.”  A few days after he told me this, I had given his advice much  thought, and decided this advice was job security for him to help anglers to catch trophy bass.

Since that day I have caught some nice fish on the classic fall lure Heddon Tiny Torpedo and the Smithwick Rogue. Both are good surface lures for fall bass especially on warm afternoons following a cold snap. Anglers fish these baits similarly to most top water lures with a jerk- jerk- pause cadence in their retrieve and occasionally ripping the baits now and then to make the blades sputter and spit as they turn in the water.

Of course in the spring once the water is above fifty-five degrees, top water lures are excellent but in the early fall when the water drops down to the seventy degree range prop baits are a good choice. There is something about the small propeller on end or both ends that drives the active shallow bass crazy. Violent explosions are common when using these baits, it is difficult to wait to feel the fish before setting the hook, but this is the best advice to follow. Always wait until you feel the fish before setting the hook, many anglers will agree that one to two seconds after the strike is best. But with your heart pounding and adrenaline racing that second can seem like forever.

Fall is truly a special time to be an angler and there is something about using the classic lures that I had seen in my fathers and uncles tackle boxes that makes the experience even more special to me. If you have not experienced prop baits in the fall for yourself it is the season to give them a try.

Happy Fishing!

Visit Smithwick and Heddon at their web site for more information about these classic lures.