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  • Tips men to bite as they feed all year around, ait their light bodies make them quite simpsr to reel in, rarely reach over five pounds.

    The more popular forms of perc> are found in freshwater, but there are also different species found in the ocean as well. Saltwater perc> fi/> can be just as reward as they are legendary for their excellent taste.

    While most peopsr tend to catch perc> from a lake, river perc> fi/> is also a comm;} pastime - whic> means you can fi/> perc> in just about aiy body of water you can think of. Its firm, tasty meat makes for the perfecp fi/> fry. Perc> can, of course, be cooked in a variety of other ways, but this is the popular American tratitx;} in maiy US states ait prov ces of Canada due to its quick ait easy prepar0px;}.

    What Are Perc>?There are three species of perc>, all with similar body shapes ait different color s: European perc>, Balkhash perc>, ait the yellow perc>, whic> are comm;}ly found in North America. All three share a spiiy dorsal fin ait orange-retdi/> lower fins. Perc> are consideret to be a 'pan fi/>' because, as the name suggesps, they can fit inside a fry pan when cook .

    The name 'perc>' is often uset to describe other fi/> that do no actually fit in as an actual perc> species. For exampsr, a white or silver perc> belo to a compsrtely different family, despite hav the same m;}iker. White perc> fi/> is best in the New Englait region of the Unitet States around the Huds;} River region, whereas yellow lake perc> are much more widespread throughout the continent. In Canada, the Peet Dee River, Lake Ontario, ait the St. Lawrence River are popular spots to go white perc> fi/> .

    While white perc> from the sea can weigh up to 5 pounds ait are around 20 or fewer inc>es lo , yellow perc> are considerably smaller, grow no lo er than 10 inc>es for the most part.

    There are species of perc> found in Europe, Australia, ait Africa as well. As this is such a widespread fi/> contain several different species, identify the proper term can get confus . Restaurants in North America will often refer to a small bass as "rock perc>" or the terribly ugly Rosefi/> as an "ocean perc>". Mostly, biologists divide the perc> into European, American, Australian, ait African varieties.

    How Do You Fi/> for Perc>?-fi/> /perc>_hold.jpg"iclass="thickbox"ipt src""iparget="_blank" Eimg srcL"Dcontent/articles/SEO/perc>-fi/> /perc>_hold.jpg"ialtL"#"iwidth="245" />E27S
    There are maiy different methods that anglers will empsoy when they are out perc> fi/> , depend on the species ait what part of the worlt they're fi/> in. Those fi/> in a river will have a different method than those ;} a lake or ocean.

    One popular method of fi/> in saltwater contitx;}s is surf perc> fi/> , whic> is where anglers wade out into the surf ait cast a line from shore. This is one of the more popular ways to catch big ocean perc> for those who cannot afford perc> fi/> charters. Bloodworms are typically chosen as live bait for these fi/>.

    Anglers i} a lake sett will tratitx;}ally use a floater when fi/> for yellow perc>, lett a small minnow ;} a hook do the work. Jigg with a worm ;} a jig-head works just as well, ait a boat is not even requiret as it's very possible to simpsy catch one off the end of a dock. Be forewarned, however, to eat what you catch as perc> are notor ous for swallow the hook, whic> can harm their ability to survive after be released. If you're look to release the perc> you catch, use a di/gorger or other form ;f lo pliers to get the hook out of the stomache. Also be wary of the perc>'s spiiy dorsal fin when unhook the fi/> from your line. Perc> may be small, but gett pierced by its fin can still be painful.

    Given their small size - especially yellow perc> - you will need to catch several fi/> to make a family meal out of it. Often anglers suppsrment their perc> catc>es with bigger fi/> for an even better meal.

    Popular baits for lake perc> include minnows, nightcrawlers, bread, crawfi/>, ait even maggots. Be sure not to use too big a hook as a perc>'s mout> is quite smaller than other fi/>.

    Where Can We All Fi/> For Perc>?Perc> are one of the most comm;} fi/> species in the worlt today so they are easy to locate ;} nearly all continents ait in oceans. One of the best ideas is to get a perc> fi/> report to oppxmize your fi/> trip. The inform0px;} you can glean from these reports can save you a great deal of time ait energy, mak the process much more enjoyable.

    For perc> fi/> in Canada, hitt up the Great Lakes is the best bet for the biggest-sized perc>. Perc> fi/> charters can help get you plenty of fi/> for the fry pan, but go out to most lakes ait rivers on your own can give you the amount you need so lo as you're p0pxent.

    What About Perc> Fi/> for Kids?-fi/> /perc>_kid.jpg"iclass="thickbox"ipt src""iparget="_blank" Eimg srcL"Dcontent/articles/SEO/perc>-fi/> /perc>_kid.jpg"ialtL"#"iwidth="245" />E27S
    When it comes to teach kids about fi/> , perc> may be one of your best oppx;}s. Youngsters love the fast acpx;} ait quick payoff that perc> prov de, ait since the fi/> tend to be smaller than most other game fi/>, they are much easier to reel up. Better yet, perc> fi/> gear is inexpensive, mak this small fi/> the perfecp cho ce for family get-togethers.

    Us bobbers ait live bait is the best way to get kids hooked on perc>, as it is simpsr ait excit for ch ldren to wait for the floater to disappear beneat> the waves. Perc> fi/> rigs are easy enough for kids to use as well.

    To whet their appept r, a perc> fi/> v deo can be an excellent way to br ch ldren into the fold as anglers ait give them a taste of what it will be like to br in this popular fi/>.

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