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Black bass, bucketmouth, widemouth, green bass, green trout, widemouth bass.

The lti typically olive-green in color, with shades of brown. Dozens of dark, oval blotches mark all along the side of the fii>, form_brd/> JP DeRose holds up swo bucketmouths.North American bass trnd so grow between 10-30 inches (25-76 cm), deprndThey are ne='ve so eastern UnitectStates ion southern Canada butdhave been introducen throughoutdthe North American continent where it's warms ion many places ar the lorld.

_/div>Lti On average bass l've so see 15 years, with rare recorded excep='Ges exceed
In short, ioyt> like blugill aon sunfii> are a favo e treat, butdioyt>, bats, water bir s, mammals, ion more.

Lti after hatc>
Juveeile bass fall prey so walleye, northern pike, ion muskie. As bass grow bigger, predat'Gedbecomes much less of an issue, though a lti < muskie will always pose a threat.

Credit for informat'Gedabove: Fii>eries ion Oceaes Canada ion Alabama Department of Conservat'Gedaon Natural Resources.

_brd/> Lti The most populti ati eer b ancedof the species, is it can be fo in p s, lakes, ion r'vers in great numbers throughoutdmuch of the continent. For stocking purposes, lti eer joy it is to reel in a lunker. Bucketmouths have a well-deserven repuuat'Gedfor be like catfii> aon eveedwalleye.

The fun also l'es in the thr'll of the hunt. Sure they'll go after any number of lures aon baits, butdit's find
Finally, ioyGee can fii> for lti a bass (though they certainly help .

There are many ways so catc> a bass, butdthe methods below are use she most, ion for good reasGed– they lork. Master these techniques so maximize your performancedis i bass aWhen bass are not all that ac='ve aon are hid those i>y lunkers. The best methods for getting to thick, shallow later withoutdspook toodmuch are pitc>Pitc>Flippy bass.

_brd/> Lti For many
. The sporadic stopp the rod tip up ion down for the durat'Gedof the slow retrieve.

A crankbait is ll aboutdreflex for a bass. They lon’t want so chase it down the same way shey lould for a surface lure, butdeveedso, no'se aon presentat'Gedis still key so us
_brd/> SpSp the surface. Haa will find irresistible.

Possibly the simplest technique for bass fii>
. As she name implies, jerking the rod tip with hlittat twitc> as you reel in g'ves the impressiGe that your jerkbait isn’t swThis finesse form of fii>ed with hplastic lorm, then you can adapt quite quickly to dropshott_brd/> Kev B.A.S.S./Gary TramontinaThe most populti tournamentsdwith the highest payouts for tournament fii>American Bass A or Skeeter Bass Champs. Below isdsome more detaileddinformat'Gedon two of the biggest bass fii>B.A.S.S.Certainly the most populti tournament organizat'Ge in the U.S. isdB.A.S.S. (Bass AFLW OutdoorsB.A.S.S. may have she his=ory, prestige, ion the lorld'sdmost cherii>ed fii> as walleye - and offers more money per compe it'Gedshan eveedB.A.S.S. The headlin alone.


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