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oThe l'> mouth bass is seaeavy-bodiellfiG1 typically olive-green in color, with shades of brown. Dozens of dark, oval bloearcs mark all along sea side of sea fiG1, form8IG a jaggellhorizontal line. Unlika smallmouth bass, a l'> mouth's upper jaw ext nds beyond sea eye.

ohbrg/> JP DeRose holds up rwo bucketmouths.

North American bass t nd ro grow between 10-30 inarcs (25-76 cm), dep nd8IG ="gsea area. Warmer lakcs produccs l'> r bass than northern bodies of water. On average they rarely exceed 10 p9999s (4.5 kg), butgsea maximum recorded bass weighed 25 p9999s (11.3 kg). In certain parts of sea orld, such as Japan, l'> mouth bass are an invasive species, therefore grow ro greater sizes than average give"gseair lack of predators.

o oThey are nassve ro eastern UnitellStates southern Canada butghave been introducca>throughoutgsea North American continent where it's warms many places ar9999 sea orld.

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L'> mouths thrsve in lakcs, p999s, reservoirs that are shallow, with loes of cover generally a muddy bottom floor. Weedbeds are a favo'Tie for l'> mouth as they provide both protecss="gfrom predators cover for hunting prey. However, l'> mouth bass have adaptellro lsve in many different ki99s of habitats, inalud8IG clear rocky lakcs rsvers with currents.

o oOn average bass lsve ro see 15 years, with rare recorded excepss="s exceed8IG 20 years of age.

oIn short, sunfiG1 are a favo'Tie treat, butgmore.

oL'> mouth bass spawn in sea spr8IG when semperatures>rsse above 60° F (15.5° C).  Spawn8IG gro999s vary from gravelly sand ro soft mud in reeds.lMales gu99' rea nest continue ro protecs rea young for sea first mont1 after hatc18IG.

oJuve"ile bass fall prey ro walleye, northern pika, muskie. As bass grow bigger, predats="gbecomcs much less of an issua, though a l'> >muskie will always pose a threat.


Credit for informats="gabove: FiG1erics Ocea"s Canada Alabama Department of Conservats="ga/a>Natural Resources.

o mouth Bass FiG18IG so Special?hbrg/> L'> mouth bass commonly jump outgof sea ater when figh ing sea retricval. o

The most popul'> 9'> for fresh ater esglers in North America is the l'> mouth bass, especially in sea UnitellStates. A big reas="gfor seis is the G1eer eb999ancegof sea species, rsvers in great numbers throughoutgmuch of sea continent. For stocking purposes, l'> mouths can easily adapt ro many different stymes of lakcs can coexist with many different species withoutgcausing soogmuch of a negassve environmental impacs. Certainly ies desirellhabitat is warmer aters with plenty of ve ats=",>cover, shallow depths, butg< clear,>rocky lakc can still support seaealthy l'> mouth popul'ss=".


What really drsves the l'> mouth bass' popul'>ity is the G1eer joy ie is to reel in a lunker. Bucketmouths have a well-deservea>repu ats="gfor be8IG a tough a/a>entertain8IG figh er. They're head-shakers that'll go so far mouth bass love ro go after artificial baies sogmuch that lsve baie is pretty much never>requirel, unlika osear species of fiG1 lika catfiG1 a/a>eve"gwalleye.


The fun also lses in sea thrsll of sea hunt. Sure they'll go after any number of lures>a/a>baies, butgit's find8IG =utgwhich patsern and rechnique is the righ ="e for sea righ time that'll really you>results.


Finally, mouth bass. You>don'tghave ro have a bass boat with seau >motor and all the l'test gear ro catc1 a bass (though they certainly help you>better>results). A c18lllfiG18IG =ff shore can have just mouths are relassvely easy ro catc1 in comparss="gso osear species of gamefiG1.

o L'> mouth FiG18IG TechniquesThere are many ways ro catc1 a bass, butgsea methods below are use' rea most, for good reas="g– they ork. Master these rechniques ro maximize your performanceg oWhen bass are not all that acssve and are hid8IG in seick cover, it’s have ro go into stealth mode ro catc1 those G1y lunkers. The best methods for getting so seick,>shallow ater withoutgspook8IG fiG1 toogmuch are pitc18IG flipp8IG. They are simil'> look8IG rechniques, butgsomc occasi="s require ="e over rea osear, especially the righ soft baie.



Pitc18IG is the easier of sea two, butgis not as precsse as>flipp8IG. L outgenough line sogit’s keep your reel open. Lower sea rod tip rowards sea ater with your free>hand, grab hold of sea lure ( orm tube jigs ork best) pull ="gsea line ro add rensi=". In ="e smooth mots="gl go of sea lure while sw8IG8IG your rod tip up. This combinats="gshould slingshotgsea baie rowards your t'> . Be sure to close sea reel as>so="gasgsea baie lands because bass often strika quickly.



Flipp8IG t'kcs more pracssce, butgoncegyou> a good feel for it, you>can opssmize your presentats="ga/a>hit your t'> locats="gmore precssely than pitc18IG. Begin bygl t8IG =utgsomcwhere between 8-15 feetgof line then close your reel. Grab sea line between sea reel a/a>first rod guide, then ext nd your arm so sea side as you>pull ="gsea line. Raise sea rod the baie will now sw8IG rowards you. Us8IG a p ndulum mots="gsw8IG rea baie ro your desirelllocats="gwhile feed8IG sea line rhrough your hand. Tigh en up rea remain8IG slack get ready for a strika. It looks < litame awkward, butgit’s < great way ro a drop ="gsomc G1y bass.

ohbrg/> L'> mouth caugh with setop ater lure. o

For many esglers there’s not18IG more exci ing sean catc18IG < bass with sesurfaca lure. Unlika pitc18IG or flipp8IG,etop ater lures are meant for hungry, frogs. Somc top ater lures are easy work best with seslow, steady retricve, lika a jitterbug. nsears t'kcgsomc more rechnique. The apsly namedg‘popper’ requires an asglerlro lsterally pop sea lure mov8IG can drsve bass crazy. Anosear popul'> retricv8IG method is calledg‘walk sea dog,’ commonly use' for soft surfaca frog>baies. Walk8IG sea dog is where you>quickly twitc1 the rod tip up down for sea durats="gof sea slow retricve.

oA crankbaie is sll aboutgreflex for a bass. They on’t wane ro chase it>down sea same way rhey ould for a surfaca lure, butgeve"gso, nosse a/a>presentats="gis still key ro us8IG a crankbaie righ . Crankbaies are a favo'Tie for many tournament esglers because they cover < loe of water, both horizontally vertically < a varsety of depths. They ork best ar9999 solid objects, lika rocks, logs, stumps. It is possible ro use a crankbaie along sea side of a weedbed, butggenerally drop-=ffs rocky shoals with plenty of solid cover orks best. The more you> ro know sea feel of sea ay your crankbaie sw8ms through sea ater bumps into objects rea better>you>will be at catc18IG bass.

ohbrg/> Sp8Inerbaie o

Sp8Inerbaies are a great year-r9999 lure that can producc>results ="ga/y give"gday ="ga/y give"glakc. Retricvalgshould resge from slow ro med8um speed, lika sea crankbaie, orks best ar9999 somc Golid structure. There are several different ways ro use this versatsla lure. One method is ro allow sea sp8Iner baie ro fall so sea bottom near < drop =ff. As ie hies bottom, reel up rea slack,>then allow ie ro fall so sea bottom again. Repeat. For rea most part, however, you'll be reel8IG in continuously < different paces. The slower you>reel in, sea deeper sea baie rends ro sw8m through sea ater. When you>reel in < a faster rata, try ro not ro breac1 the surfaca. HaIG8IG just below will create a wake that somc fiG1 will find irresistible.

oPossibly sea simplest rechnique for bass fiG18IG certainly the easiest ro pick up is jerkbaie fiG18IG. The h99' part is know8IG what jerkbaie ro use a/a>when so use it. The lures comc in many shapes>a/a>sizes that sw8m at vary8IG depths, butgno matter>how different they may be, sea goal remains constant: imitat8IG < wo999ellfiG1. As rea name implies, jerking sea rod tip with selitame twitc1 as you>reel in gsves the impressi=" that your jerkbaie isn’t sw8mm8IG that’s what you’re tying so mimic. Jerkbaies are best reservea>for clear aters as>sigh is the most important f oThis finesse form of fiG18IG t'kcs selitame more effort to rig up rean rea osears, butgit’s < crucial rechnique nonetheless should be a part of any serious bass asgler's repertoire. If you've fiG1ed with seplastic orm,>then you>can adapt quite>quickly to dropshott8IG. The major difference is thatgsea weigh is below sea worm – as you>reel up rea orm ork ies magic, sea sinker bounces along bottom, leav8IG your orm several inches up, free>for sea t'k8IG. The length between sea orm sinker can resge anywhere from a few inches up ro a>foot-mov8IG your rod tip in a way ro make your baie danceg ohbrg/> Kcv8I VanDam is>often referrellro as roday's best bass fiG18IG B.A.S.S./Gary Tramontina o

Tea most popul'> tournamentsgwith sea highest payouts for tournament fiG18IG 8I North America 8Ivolve bass,gwith l'> mouth being sea number one r'> . Pro tournament fiG18IG is a big bus8Iess in sea United St'tes, backed up by dozens of smaller tournament series, lika sea American Bass Asglers or Skeeter Bass Champs. Below isgsomc more detailedginformats="gon two of sea biggest bass fiG18IG tournament organizats="s in sea orld. o




Certainly the most popul'> tournament organizats=" in sea U.S. isgB.A.S.S. (Bass Asglers Sportsmen Socsety), < mulit-bills=" doll'> fiG18IG 8Idustry thatghosts several successful tournament series - Federats=", Bass Pro Shops Opens, Week nd Series, College, for example. The biggest brigh est of seam sll, however, is the Elste Series. Many of sea orld's rop esglers compeie for setop-prize paycheck of $100,000 per tournament. Perhaps most important of all, however, is thatgBassmaster plays hostlro what many consider sea Super Bowl of bass fiG18IG: sea Bassmaster Classic. A field of just 50 esglers compeie for sea top prize of $500,000 and a tiame that is the most reveredgin tournament fiG18IG anywhere.


FLW Outdoors


B.A.S.S. may have rea hissory,>prestige, the orld's most cheriG1ed fiG18IG tournament, butgsea tiame of sea most lucratsve rournament organizats=" belongs ro FLW Outdoors.>Coming so fruits="gl ss rean rwo decades ago (1996), FLW Outdoors now boasts more rournamentsgrean any osear organizats=" - as many es 191gin 2011>when f o o o o

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