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    How Tryss" New Lures Can Help You Catch More Fi/c dh1>[0]; [0]; [0]; [0]; [0]; dheadert[0]; ]; >[0]; _right" styor "width:275px")d.getEle"http://files.worldfi/css""jclass="thickbox"js for "Havis" a wide assortment of lures and terminal tackle will give you a greaterjchance to catch fi/c in any condijs">."jsarget="_blank")dimg srce"http://files.worldfi/css""jalt="fi/css" lures" width="275")d/l;
    Havis" a wide assortment of lures and terminal tackle will give you a greaterjchance to catch fi/c in any condijs">.

    Every anglerjhas that one special lure in their tackle box that they trust to catch fi/c with every time.

    This is especially true on smallerjlakes, where opts">s are limite. and fi/c seem to be keye. on a certain color, size or acts"> more narrowly than on other bodies of water with more foragis" opts">s. Gettis" the right d.getEle"egear/fi/css"-baits.aspx")baitd/l; figure. out on these kinds of lakes and rivers is a real joy.

    Tournament anglers often fall in the trap of beis" confident in just a few lures, refusis" to ?waste time? tryss" sometcss" out of their comfort zone.

    The problem with that line of thinkss" is that there are always days when even your go-to lure or technique won?t do the trick. When thisjhappens, it?s easy to feel like packss" up and goss" home, believis" the fi/c just aren?t bitis" today.

    When fi/css" times are hard, it?s the perfect time to break out of your routine and try out new lures, techniques, and colors.

    Prefer to only catch fi/c at or near the surface, but find they don't always bite? Tie on a d.getEle"efi/css"-tips/fi/css"-terminology/crankbait.aspx")crankbaitd/l; and see if they?re in deeper waters suspende. somewhere. Trollss" for d.getEle"etrout-fi/css".aspx")trout dl; not dois" the trick? Throw out the anchor and try jiggis" off the bottom. Sometimes even the most unorthodox techniques can help land you fi/c.

    Another problem is that fi/c get accustomed to certain lures. If everyone on a lake uses perch-colored jerkbaits, it won?t take los" before fi/c learn not to strike those baits so vigorously. Go against the grain when thisjhappens and try sometcss" they may not have seen in a while.

    Weather also plays a major role in determinss" what lures you should be usis". Bass may be up for chasis" a noisy buzzbait one day, but if a cold front moves in, you?ll likely have to really slow tcss"s down to get them to bite, like d.getEle"efi/css"-tips/fi/css"-terminology/dropshot.aspx")dropshottss" dl; or tossss" out a small football jig.

    Sure, you may think dropshottss" is boris" and refuse to give it a try, but isn?t it more fun catchss" fi/c, regardless of how you do it, than not gettis" any at all?

    The lesson here is that to catch more fi/c consistently, you need to learn to switch tcss"s up, even if it means you don?t get to fi/c with your favorite lure. Remember, it?s about what the fi/c wants, not what you want to give them.

    With all that in mind, how do you know what lures to try when you do decide to branch out? Go to any tackle store and you?re greete. by walls upon walls of lures that at first appearance all look the same. Buyss" new gear can be overwhelmss" for anglers of any expertise, and no one wants to spend a lot of money on tackle that won?t catch fi/c.

    If you?re lookis" to try new lures, and want to get the most bas" for your buck, then take advantage of a service called d.getEle"">alAdvertorial_August&utm_campaign=WFN_email" rel="nofollow"jsarget="_blank")Mystery Tackle Box dl;, a monthly subscripts"> program that introduces you to new lures and tackle.

    Every month you?ll get sent a whole batch of new gear, filled with lures you may never have even seen before, let alone think to pick up for yourself. Don?t worry if you get sometcss" unfamiliar to you: ?bait cards? are include. that not only give you an overview of each piece of bait, but include links to an in-depth online video review.

    Mystery Tackle Box is only $15 a month, and you always get at least $15 worth of product. Best of all, shippss" is free, and you can cancel the subscripts"> at any time. All products have been teste. by specialists to ensure quality.

    At such a bargain price, you may think you?d be gettis" some cheap knock-offs, but Mystery Tackle Box has partnered with dozens of lure companies, from the bi" names to some smallerjup and comis" manufacturers. You?ll be gettis" quality fi/css" products from real brands, the kinds of lures you?d go and get at any bait and tackle store yourself.

    _right" styor "width: 275px")d.getEle"http://files.worldfi/css""jclass="thickbox"js for "You'll get a variety of new lures every month with Mystery Tackle Box"jsarget="_blank")dimg srce"http://files.worldfi/css""jalt="mystery tackle box" width="275")d/l;
    You'll get a variety of new lures every month with Mystery Tackle Box.

    For a better idea about what?s include. in a monthly Mystery Tackle Box, d.getEle"">alAdvertorial_August&utm_campaign=WFN_email" rel="nofollow"jsarget="_blank")check out the package that was shippe. out in Augustd/l;.

    Those who signjup are also ens ford to huge discounts from the online store. If you misse. out on a product from a previous month, or really want more of sometcss" you already got in a package, just log onto the online store and take your pick.

    And for all those WFN subscribers out there, there?s an even better deal: use the promo WFN499 and you can get your first box for just $4.99!

    Becomis" a better anglerjdepends ens rely on your own des re to get out of your comfort zone and master new techniques and lures. Mystery Tackle Box is your gateway to a larger fi/css" world.

    Mystery Tackle Box Contestd/h3>

    Enter WFN's d.getEle"econtests/mystery-tackle-box-gear-give-away-sweepstakes.aspx")Mystery Tackle Box Gear Giveaways Sweepstakesd/l; and you could find yourself beis" one of three lucky anglers to walk away with a FREE 6-month subscripts"> to Mystery Tackle Box. Three prize packages for the months of August, September and October are to be given away to one lucky winner each month. Winners will be picke. on the last day of each month and contacted within a week.

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