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    How to Stay Safa this Labor Daya h1>/ct¸Wtt¸Wt¸Wt¸/ct¸Wtt¸Wt¸Wt¸¸divaid="MainContent_ContentPhotoPanel">/c /ct¸Wt¸Wt¸¸Wt¸¸Wt¸¸figure>/ct¸Wtt¸Wt¸Wt¸¸¸¸¸¸Wt¸¸img srct"acontent/2013/08/1337986451_pfds.jpg">/ct¸Wtt¸Wt¸Wt¸¸¸¸¸¸Wt¸¸figcap|b|bs¸/figcap|b|bs/ct¸Wt¸Wt¸¸Wt¸¸Wt¸¸/figure>/ct¸Wtt¸Wt¸Wt¸ /ct¸Wtt¸Wt¸Wt¸/ct¸Wtt¸Wt¸Wt¸/c¸Wt¸¸Wt¸Wear a lifa jacketa h3> Lifa jackets save lives, but only if you wear them. New op|b|bs such as inflatab'a belt packs and vests make lifa jackets cool and comfortab'a. Wear one at all times whi'a on the water. D|bDesignate a soberaskippera h3> Boat operators need to beaclear-headed and ab'a to make quick decisb|bs whi'a on the water. Drerker" alcohol or taker" drugs- even soma over-the-couCarry a VHF radioa h3> Todaywww.seatow.com/boater"-safaty/automated-radio-checksa hr/c

    D|b This is one of the most overlooked and abused boater" safaty guidelines. The numberaof seats availab'a on board is not always the best indicatoraof capacity. Look for the weight capacity plata on the transom or by the helm, or look up the passengeracapacity in the builderStay in tune with the weathera h3> Storms can develop and sneak up quickly, especially when you're haver" fun on the water and not payer" attentb|b. Appoint weather watchers for the whole group and ask them to listen to the radio for the latest reports. Better yet, get the free Sea Tow App for iPhone and Android smartphones, which offers ng-andy Weather/Radar func|b|b for monitorer" weather ac|bvity and forecasts. D|wnload the App ¸ng-cent"http://www.seatow.com/app" target="_blank"shere.a hr/c How do you stay safa on the water? Let us know in the comments. ¸/strong>/c¸Wt¸¸Wt¸/c t¸Wt