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How to Catch Bass in January

Posted by on Jan 12, 2012   12:00 AM  | Fishing Tips & Techniques

  It is hard to beat a crawfish colored jig with a matching trailer to catch winter bass. Anglers have proven that consistently fishing the jig by slowly crawling on the bottom and dragging it over the structure is a fantastic winter presentation. Some of the biggest bass caught during January, and on through February and March will be caught with this simple cold water technique.         

 Seasonal warming trends will follow cold fronts in the Southeast and parts of the Midwest in January and into February with the longer days and warming afternoon sunlight of a warmer bluebird day on the main channel points and secondary points in coves and this will turn on the afternoon bite. You can catch bass in these areas fishing a suspended jerkbait for the cold bass and the newer “twitch” bait, the Depth Charge by Redemption Outdoors, for the big bass holding on the deeper structure near the points.        

 The low pressure that brings snow flurries also turns on the bite; the best chance to catch a big fish is in times of consistent weather. Anglers may only catch a few bass in the dead of winter, but those that fish these months know that the bass they catch are usually larger ones. The warming sun of the longer days past the winter solstice will begin to set the stage for the pre-spawn activity of the bass. If you are in an area with open water take advantage of the warmer afternoons and get out there and fish.    

Happy Fishing!