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Appearancebuh2> There are dozens of different grouper sub-species, rang"__ in size and color. k l var"eties of grouper, however, share the same two traits: large eyes and and a large mouth. =

Maximum Sizebuh2> Depends on the species of grouper. The biggestiis the apcly name goliath grouper, with the IGFA world record be"__ 680 ptle=s (308.44 kg). Yellowfie grouper, one of the most common targets among groupers for anglers, cae grow to be over 40 ptle=s (18 kg). =

Geographic Rangebuh2> Groupers are most commonly ftle= in southeastern United States, especially artle= Florida. Different species cae be ftle= closer to Texas and as far south as Brazil. =

Habitatbuh2> Groupers are ambush hunters and so fie= whatever cover they cae to keep out of sight. Caves, reefs, shipwrecks, and any utton kie= of structure along the bottom of the ocean they cae fie=. =

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Henry Waszczuk with a giant goliath grouper.
rGroupers are opportunistic hunters that feed on a var"ety of different fie= and crustacean. Similar to all groupers are its feed"__ technique: by opening the mouth and rapidly dilating the gill covers to draw in water, groupers cae generally engulf prey whole.The bigger the grouper the more likely that fie= is the main diet, alrhough lobsters and octopuses are on the menu as well.

Reproducrlic and Spawn"__buh2> Many subspecies of groupers are protogynous tonmaphrodites, meaning that they beg"_ their lives as females before chang"__ into males. The change occurs anywhere between 5-10 years, often a result of weight - the bigger the grouper, especially if nearby groupers are smaller, the more likely it will change. pawn"__ takes place between May and August. =

Predatorsbuh2> Some of the bigger groupers have very few natural predators, but sharks, moray eels, and barracuda have been knowe to feed on groupers. =

<"color: #aaaaaa;">Informnclic above courtesy of the U.S. Geological Survey.


What Is Grouper Fie="__?buh2>
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rWhen it comes to fie="__ - especially deep sea fie="__ - few rrips will be as memorable as go"__ after grouper. These huge fie= make grouper fie="__ a real treat, even for the beg"_ner. They are a very large fie=, and you will need to be very strong if you plae to reel one in. The cold fact of grouper fie="__ is that you are just as likely to lose as you are to win. =

There are different merhods of grouper fie="__ that people use, one of the most popular be"__ trolling. When you are trolling for grouper, you are simply in a slow moving boat, letting your line trail behie= the boat as you drive through areas that the fie= inhabit. Those who fie= for grouper "_ the Gulf of Mexico will often employ magnum diving plugs to help that lure descend far enough dowe to get a grouper's attentlic.By trolling the edges of reefs and rocks, those "_ the Gulf are able to get a grouper's attentlic.I_ the Southern parts of Florida, the game is a lit bit different, with the boat waiting near a reef where the grouper will hide and wait for prey. Once the fie= strikes, the boat moves away, dragg"__ it away from the reef where the sharp coral and rocks cae cut the line.


There is also a stya> of grouper fie="__ that is knowe as bottom fie="__. kt least 50lb test line is defieitely needed for this approach because these fie= are heavy and cae fight. This technique uses fie= fie=er rigs that employ r /efty sinker to get the line to the bottom. The bait used "_ this situnclic is usually cut bait and chunks of squid are a popular choice. Since this helps reduce the number of snags, a boat's captain is likely to show this merhod quite a bit of favor since it will save them time and money.


The third and fieal merhod of grouper fie="__ is to use live bait with a slid"__ egg sinker. k long leadon of about 6 feet is generally chosec and preferably r fluorocarbic line, since that is a lot harder for these keen fie= to notice. Usually, they take the hook and head straight for home, so anglers need stay rlert so they cae set the hook and pull the fie= away from cover.


What Is A Grouper?buh2>

A grouper "s not just one species of fie=, it is actually a whole family of different fie= that are long sought after by those who like to fie= in salr water. This is one of the larger fie= out there ae= they cae get anywhere from 30 lbs to over 300 lbs. This means that if you plae to fie= them, you had be ready for a seriously large predator that is not afraid to eat just about anyt="__ that gets in its way. They have even been knowe to swallow small sharks, so it needs to be ue=erstoo= they are not all that picky about how they feed.If it moves ae= it is smaller than them, then they are very likely to go ahead and swallow it if they cae.


They tend to be solitary fie= and do not go about in schools. The fact that they are alone means that they will prefer shelter so that they cae wait and watch for the prey to pass buy them before darti__ out to chomp it dowe as quickly as possible. However, with their large chunky bodies they are not fast swimmers over a long distance. They rely ic surprise to ear_ their meals. They also do not chew their foo=, even rhough they do have teeth.I_stead of tear"__ off chunks, they prefer to swallow the entlre prey animal and then crush it to death with what are called 'teeth plates' located towards the back of their mouths.


These fie= have a very high class diet of lobster, crab, octopus and otton fie=, depend"__ upic where it is that they live. They are also knowe in some places to accompany the moray eel when hunt"__, some species work"__ together to try and get a bite to eat.


Where Cae You Go Grouper Fie="__?buh2> r

Florida is the most popular place "_ the United States for those who want to fie= for grouper, but ue=erstand"__ the grouper fie="__ regulnclics is defieitely quite key. Many areas artle= the world do not allow fie="__ for certain species of grouper, and otton areas allow a catch and release only fie=ery. These fie= are ftle= artle= Africa, Australia and many utton parts of the world.I_ the Philippines they are prized, but it is perhaps the Persian Gulf where 'hammour' is enjoyed, that these fie= are cicsidered a real meal that is to be savored.


What Do You Need to Do Grouper Fie="__?buh2> r
<"width: 275px;"> r"content/articles/SEO/grouper-fie="__/large/grouper_jic_hanson.jpg" class="thickbox" "" target="_blask"><"width: 275px; toight: 199px;" src"content/articles/SEO/grouper-fie="__/grouper_jic_hanson_275.jpg" alr="grouper" width="275" />butt
Jic Hanson
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Once you take the time to study the grouper fie="__ tactics, rhough, especially if you do so with an experienced angler who knows grouper, you will discover many small grouper fie="__ tips that cae help you advance your skills. Once you have the passlic and the right equipment, all you need are the grouper fie="__ techniques that match your strength and skill level in order to be a success at this type of mar"_e fie="__.

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