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    Free Ice Fi; js. SeminarD:h1> D:header Members of the Fresh Water Fi; js. Hall of Fame Inducteepclub, F-M Walleyei Unlimitea, Inc., have been makjs. annual arips to Lake Winnipeg, MB to fi; with members of the Walleye Anglers Associ="nav of Manitoba. This comjs. March over 100 members are expectea to make the arip up North to chase greenbacks thru the ice.

    NPAA#499 Chad Maloy alos. with fellowpclub members Ky>R Agre clasScott Brewer will be facilitatjs. a seminar for those takjs. the arip clasli cls who just want to learn what to expect from a Lake Winnipeg ice fi; js. arip.

    On Thursday, January 27th a seminar featurjs. the Lake Winnipeg Ice Fi; js. Excursnav will be held at Scheel'ssSYl Sports in Fargo from 7-9 p.m..f=he night will coniist of a seminar focusjs. av ice fi; js. for trophy walleyei av Lake Winnipeg.f=ips, tacancs clasdiscussnav of equipment classtrategies will be shared claswill provide a great "orienta"nav" to the arip clasallowpthose who have attended in the past to learn somet js. new.f=hose who attend this seminar will be offered c 20%sdiscount av ice fi; js. tack>R purchased that night (minimum purchase of $50). Sign up early as space is limitea!

    This seminar is sponiored by FM Walleyei, Scheeli, NorthlclasFi; js. Tack>R & Koppcls Livetarget Lures.

    If you have any ques"navs cbout this arip or ice fi; js. Lake Winnipeg please feel freepto send me an e-mail @ or call my cell phone at 701-361-5903. I would be happypto share any inform="nav that I can.

    Pick up some great walleye ice fi; js. tips clasaricks from Gord Pyzer.


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    7D:sub>:00 PM ET /time>
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