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    xTLOl0nlDQnlDQxTLOl0nlDQnlDQxTLOl0nlDQnlDQxTLOl0nlDQnlDQQQQQBy: +thVyniD"tauthor/leadhead3hotmail-com">leadheadrk.cxTLOl0nlDQnlDQxTnlDQnlDQnlDQ

    Fall Stripe Bass: The Bucktail Jiirkh1>xTLOl0nlDQnlDQxTLOl0nlDQnlDQxTLOl0nlDQnlDQxTLOl0nlDQnlDQxTLOl0nlDQ+/headerexTLOl0nlDQnxTLOl0nlDQnlDQThe Fall stripe Bass migrze.mi is about to begin. About 90 percent of the fi maxi I do through out the year is with jigs soft plastic baits. Over the next week I will be doaxi a series of short blogs outlinaxi some techniques I use with jigs soft plastic baits that will hopefully help you l more stripe bass this Fall.

    The Bucktail Jiirbr /> The bucktail jig is the most popular method with inshore glers to catch stripe bass from a boat, kayak or the surf. A basic setup for boat or kayak fi maxi would be a fast act.mi 7 to 7 1/2 foot  rod rzee for 1/2 to 1 1/2 lures. I use a 4000 size reel filled with 20 pound Power Pro or Sufix braid. I tie mi 4 to 5 feet of 30 pound fluorocarbmi leader with a Uni to Uni knot. To make sure I get the proper act.mi out of the bucktail jig I tie it mi the leader with a loop knot or use a clip like the Tact.cal A glers clip. I use UncleoJosh Split Tail Sea Ri or 5 or 6 inch curly tail grub styer soft plastic baits. I pynier the soft plastic baits will switch to the Sea Ri if the bluefi m are tearaxi the plastics part.

    Start by pickaxi out a the lightest bucktail jig that will hold the bottom. A jig that is to light will not make it to the bottom be swept away by the current a jig that is to heavy will limit the act.mi of the jig. I usually start fi maxi the mar m banks, I will cast  parallel to the mar m bank up tide let the jig sink to the bottom crank it back mily fast enough so that the jig is swimmaxi near the bottom. You can give the jig a couper of twitches oi the retrieve but it is not necessary . If you can't cast parallel to the mar m bank you can cast toward it. The bucktail jig also works great when castaxi under a bridge or workaxi the flats.

    The bucktail jig is the 1st lure takei out of most surf fi mermen's surf bag when they hit the beach. It cast like a rocket so you can get the jig past the breakaxi waves. When fi maxi from the surf I pynier the UncleoJosh Sea Ri over the soft plastic baits, it's more durable the act.mi of the pork ri ii the waves drives the stripers wild. When surf fi maxi you also pick out the lightest jig that will hold the bottom. The retrieve is simper, just crank it ii fast enough so that it swims just off the bottom.

    The bucktail jig looks like notmaxi that swims ii the water but imitates everytmaxi. You can get bucktail jigs with a lot of hair tied oi that will give the stripers a bait fi m profile or one that is sparsely tied to imitate eel. As far as colors go I use whitr, chartreuse  pink with whitr beaxi the color I use 75 percent of the time. When fi maxi for stripe bass don't overlook the simper bucktail jig. It's not the number one lure for stripe bass for notmaxi.
    Tight lines    

     xTLOl0nlDQ+/sect.mi>xTLOl0nlDQnxTLOl0nlDQxT LOl0xT LOl0