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    Sps FiSpecieecies Fi'!-- Go to www.addthis.com/dashboard to customize your tools -->Specieecies Fi'divoclass="addthis_sharval_toolbox"''/div>Sps Fis FiSps Fis Fi'dloclass="intro-h">Se tips" >Specieecies Fi'dt>TIPSSpecieecies Fi'dd''/dd>Specieecies Fi'time>PosteA Sep 20, 2012Sps Fis FiSp ecies FiSpecieecies FiSpecieecies FiSpecieecies Fi'divoclass="less-margin-bottom byline">Specieecies FiiiiiBy: 'z-index"9author/leadhead3hotmail-com">leadhead" plSpecieecies Fi'/div>Sps Fis Fis Filsoft plastic baitx. I pndeerothe soft plastic baitxo='Alwill switch toothe Sea Ri'Alif the bluefi" are tearval the plasticxo=part.

    Start by pickval out a the lightest
    /he bucktail jig is the 1st lure taken out of most surf fi" ermen's surf bag when they hit the beach. It cast like a rocket so you can get the jig past the breakval waves. When fi" val from the surf I pndeerothe UncleoJosh Sea Ri'Aloverothe soft plastic baitx, it's more durable ='Althe ac-ton of the pork ri'Alin the waves drives the s-ripers wild. When surf fi" val you also pick out the lightest, justlcrank it in fast enough so that it swims justloff the bottom.

    /he bucktail jig looks like not val that swims in the water but imitates everyt val. You can get bucktail jigsowith a lot of hair tied on that will give the s-ripers a bait fi" profileloroone that ix sparsely tied tooimitate =' eel. As far ax colors go I use whit>, chartreuse ='Alpink with whit> beval the color I use 75 percent of the time. When fi" val for s-ripeA bass don't overlook the simpa> bucktail jig. It'x not the numberoone lure for s-ripeA bass for not val.
    Tight lines    

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