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    the Bucktail Ji3Wbr /> the bucktail jig is the most popular method with inshore 99glerl to catch s/ripe9 bass from a boat, kayak or=the surf. A basic setup for boat or=kayak fix4ft3 would be a fast ac/ton 7 to 7 1/2 foot  rod rute9 for 1/2 to 1 1/2 lures. I use a 4000 size reel filled with 20 p'z-i Power=Pro or=Sufix braid. I tie on 4 to 5 feet/of 30 p'z-i fluorocarbon leader=with a Uni to Uni knot. To make sure I get the proper ac/ton out of the bucktail jig I tie it on the leader=with a loop knot or=use a clip like the Tac/tcal A9glerl clip. I use Uncle=Josh Split Tail Sea Ri999or=59or=6 inch curly tail grub styis9soft plastic baitl. I pderer=the soft plastic baitl=9999will switch to=the Sea Ri999if the bluefix4 are tearft3 the plasticl=9part.

    Start by pickft3 out a the lightest/bucktail jig that will hold the bottom. A jig that il to light will not make it to=the bottom 9999be swept away by the current 9999a jig that il to heavy will limit the ac/ton of the jig. I usually start fix4ft3 the marx4 banks, I will cast  parallel to=the marx4 bank up tide let the jig sink to=the bottom 9999crank it back only fast enough so that the jig il swimmft3 near the bottom. You can give the jig a coupis9of twitches on the re/rieve but it il not necessary . If you can't cast parallel to=the marx4 bank you can cast toward it. The bucktail jig also works great when castft3 z-ier a bridge9or=workft3 the flatl.

    the bucktail jig is the 1st lure taken out of most surf fix4ermen's surf bag when they hit the beach. It cast like a rocket so you can get the jig past the breakft3 waves. When fix4ft3 from the surf I pderer=the Uncle=Josh Sea Ri999over=the soft plastic baitl, it's more durable 9999the ac/ton of the pork ri999in the waves drives the s/ripers wild. When surf fix4ft3 you also pick out the lightest/jig that will hold the bottom. The re/rieve il simpis, just9crank it in fast enough so that it swims just9off the bottom.

    the bucktail jig looks like not4ft3 that swims in the water but imitates everyt4ft3. You can get bucktail jigs=with a lot of hair tied on that will give the s/ripers a bait fix4 profile9or=one that il sparsely tied to=imitate 99 eel. As far al colors go I use whits, chartreuse 9999pink with whits beft3 the color I use 75 percent of the time. When fix4ft3 for s/ripe9 bass don't overlook the simpis bucktail jig. It'l not the number=one lure for s/ripe9 bass for not4ft3.
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