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Early Morning Summer Bass Fishing Tips

Posted by on Jun 18, 2011   12:00 AM  | Fishing Tips & Techniques

 Anglers know that the most productive times to fish for bass are the morning and evening hours. However, I tend to think that sunrise is the most productive time to fish. I have spoken with many anglers that agree with this statement. If you have ever been on a lake at sunrise as the fog is lifting, you can see all types of fish literally jumping out of the water in search of food. Often fishing from my dock at sunrise, I see many fish both large and small searching for forage. In this post I will share some effective tips for early morning bass fishing.       

 There is nothing that can compare to the stimulation of the scenes that you get on a lake as the sun breaks over the horizon as the moon hides from the dawn. The water is as still and gives the illusion of a massive mirror reflecting the colors of the morning. The earth appears to come to life as birds begin to sing, and the fish become active. I often see a lone eagle searching for his morning meal as I fish the daybreak. Yes the morning does something to an angler that cannot be put into words.     

 The first couple hours of morning are the most successful for bass fishing. The reason is many fish feed at daybreak, and the bass are looking forage to feed on as well. By positioning yourself near submerged trees or other cover. This definitely holds true at this time of the year as the water is warming rapidly. The cover provides a cool place in the summer water. The cover also attracts small baitfish that the bass are searching for.       

  The first morning bass fishing tip I like to share is to try a top water lure spring and work it in a walk the dog, side-to-side motion then allowing it to come to rest often. Be prepared for an explosion. The top water bite is an amazing experience; however as summer takes hold warming the water an angler’s tactics must change with the season.       

 By fishing a soft plastic worm near structure is my next early morning “go to” bait. Finessing the bait in a subtle jigging fashion near structure has produced amazing bites for many anglers over the years. It seems as the bass are foraging in the soft morning light they are not as shy as they become after the sun is up. Take advantage of this.      

 If the bass happen to have the rare occasion of morning lockjaw, tempt them with a crankbait, by allowing it to bump the structure. A square billed shallow running crankbait works wonderful for post spawn bass from late spring into early summer.  The square bill deflects and bounces and knocks off the structure and cover very well. On windy mornings in stained water a buzzbait has worked well for many, for clear water I turn to a willow leaf spinnerbait to do the job.       

 Early morning in summer can be a wonderful time for fishing as long as you can change with the bass as their environment changes. Warming water and longer days along with changes in the weather greatly change the bite. I also believe that the moon has a great influence on bass at this time of the year more than any other. Take advantage of the cool mornings and the foraging bass in the summer, it can be an experience that you will never forget.  

Happy Fishing!