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  • ss adossadoradorsss ado adoss adosssadoradorsTIPSssadoradorsFRESHWATERssadoradorsPostea Mar 13, 2000ss ado adoss mador adoss adosBas: h1>ssadoradorsssadoradorsIntroduck Loa h2> m

    oass are one of the most popular gamefimee: in the world with many species inhabit="_ both fresh ='acsaltwater environments.a>hey belo"_ to the Perciforme: order, which contains 40 perfcent of all bony fime in the world.a>hey tend to pf='erfwarmerfwater temperatures, rang="_ from trop m

    oass Speciesa h2> m

    Seleck a species from the list below for detailed informrk Lo Lo commLo type: of bass:

    m img src/"rcontent/articles/bass_hooked_small.jpg" alt="Largemouth Bas:" width="300" /a /td>ssadoradors /tressador adorLargemouth Bas: /td>ssadoradors /tressador /tbodyess /table> m

    Black Bas: h3> m<-dessador Smallmouth Bas: / Temperate Bas: h3> m<-dessador White Bas: nther Kii : of Bas: h3> m<-dessadoraSea Bas: / Smallmouth Bas: /stro"_> - 11 poui : 15 ouices - DalefHollow Lake, Tennessee, USASiripea Bas: stro"_> - 78 poui : 8 ouices - Atlantic City, New Jersey, USABlack Sea Bas: /stro"_> - 10 poui : 4 ouices - Virginia Beach, Virginia, USASpottea Bas: /stro"_> - 10 poui : 4 ouices - Pine Flat Lake, California, USAShoal Bas: /stro"_> - 8 poui : 12 ouices - Apalachicola River, Florida, USAGuadalupe Bas: /stro"_> - 3 poui : 11 ouices - LakeaTravis, Austin, Texas, USARock Bas: /stro"_>- 3 poui : 0 ouices - LakeaErie, Pennsylvania, USA ='acYork River, Ontario, CanadaWhite Bas: stro"_> - 6 poui : 13 ouices - LakeaOrange, Orange, Virginia, USA ='acAmite River, Greenwell Spr="_s, Louisiana, USAAustralian Bas: /stro"_> - 8 poui : 4 ouices - LakeaWivenhoe, Queensland, AustraliaSuwannee Bas: /stro"_> - 3 poui : 14 ouices - Suwannee River, Florida, USAButterfly Peacock Bas: /stro"_> - 12 poui : 9 ouices - Chiguao River, Bolivar State, VenezuelaPapuan Black Bas: stro"_> - 42 poui : 5 ouices - Fly River, Papua New GuineaReaeye Bas: /stro"_> - No official recordBartram'scBas: /stro"_> - No official recordA Quick Cast Toa>he Past:cBas: Fime="_ Historya h2> m

    oass fime="_ in North Amerhe more wealthy U.S. angler concentrated Lo go="_ after trout ='acsalmLo, whiV the work="_-classafolk went after bass us="_ poles ='aclive bait.a>his is a major reasLo why bass culture ='acliterature were targeted more toward the commLoers.


    >he first artificial flies used for bass fime="_ were borrowed from the already exist="_ trout ='acsalmLo de:igns. Later, anglers began to develop flies that were specif m

    Industrializrk Lo polluted a'acchanged many Lf the ecologhis ack Lo has brought =bout =' increase in smallmouth numbers a'aca resurgent reputrk Lo amo"_ anglers.


    Check out this video to see some of the most recent efforts to improve the fime="_ environment in Minnesota a'acaroui North Amer mss

    oass Fime="_ Spots: Where ToaPlancYour Next Fime="_ Tripa h2> mThere are several bass fime="_ locak Los that anglers cancchoose from based Lo their proximity ='acpreference. m

    Bass Fime="_ In Pond: h3> m

    Many weekend anglers fime for bass io pond:, even more so th=' in lakes.a>hey often go out bass fime="_ with live bait, likeacreekcchubs.a>his requires us="_ a slightly larger hookfto assure that a bit="_ bass c=' be easily hooked. Us="_ a hookfthat is too small will allow bass the opportunity to bite ='acslip =way.


    You c=' fii bass fime="_ live bait in close proximity to many Lf the fime="_ spots.aIt is always best to use live bait that is local to the spot where you plan to fime because fime are familiar with it.


    Bass Fime="_ In River: h3> m

    oass fime="_ in rivers is very popular ='acopens the opportunity to use a variety Lf different baits a'acfime="_ stywfs.aOne of the more effeck ve methods is to use live worms that do a great job of hid="_ the presence of a hook. A decent substitute for this is the bass worm, an artificial worm that allows an angler to avoid the use of live bait.aPlastic bait come: in many varietie: of shapes, sizes, a'accolor.


    Artificial lures likeaspinners a'acspoLos are also very effeck ve. Choos="_ the right one depends Lo the condik Los a'acusually requires a bit of experimentrk Lo to get it right. Makeasure to use spinners with the water flow, not against it. Cast your line upstream a'acallow it to float naturally downstream towards you.cBas: likeato face upstream a'acwait for their prey as it swims downstream.


    It is often difficult to choose the best bass fime="_ hot spotscalo"_ a river as even just a few yards upstream or downstream c=' makeaa huge difference.aLookfaroui : there may be excellent bass guidescavailablefin your area to make your experienceaa lot more produck ve ='acenjoyable.


    Bass Fime="_ In Lake: h3> m

    oass lakes are readily availablefthroughout North Amer m

    >he Bas:master Classic, often dubbed the Super Bowl of bass fime="_ tournaments, has taken place Lo many different lakes in its history. $500,000 is awarded to the winner, a'acnotoriety a'acmany endorsements =re often gained through a Classic victory.


    Lakes are also conduciv to night fime="_ for bass. Many anglers prefer to fime at night, especially in thecsummer wheo cooler temperatures a'accalmer environments often lead to greater bass ack vity th=' Lo a hot, sunny day.


    oass Fime="_ Demo Videoa h2> m

    Check out the video below for a great introduck Lo to largemouth bass fime="_.